Tuesday, 10 December 2013

It's starting to look a lot like Christmas! (WOYWW)

Guess who has been listening to Michael Buble while writing Christmas cards! I am feeling remarkably Christmassy, especially as we put our decorations up this week...this is our main tree,
and this is the little fibre optic one in the dining room as decorated by Alex without any help!
We also had some visitors this week in the form of a little wooden Mary, Joseph and Donkey, who are travelling round the families from church staying one night in each house.
Alex fell in love with them and decided to make them into stars of their own show; written, filmed and directed by him.  Not sure if the video will work, but just in case not here is the YouTube link (I hope).  Just listen to his words...they are priceless!
Anyway, you really came here for a nosey at my desk as part of WOYWW.  This week finds me in the process of making another page for my Faith Journal (and drinking tea). This one will be based around Jesus being the light of the world, but so far all I have drawn is the candle and painted everything else black...watch this space, by next week it will be finished.  I hope all your Christmas preparations are coming along well and you are enjoying Advent.  Have a nice week.
With love

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Finished Advent calendar (WOYWW)

Well as the title suggests I did manage to get the advent calendar finished on time (see post below), so as you can see my desk (for WOYWW) is looking quite empty!  There are some Christmas table napkins which were used in the advent calendar and are now ready to be used for a Christmas Day project, the new edition of Craft Stamper and my note pad with Christmas present lists on it.  Also there is my trusty mug of tea (nearly empty and in need of a refill) and a CD with the soprano part of an anthem we are singing in the Carol Service in church.
Here is the finished advent calendar! It is a totally bonkers creation and as I suspected it takes up much of the dining room, and the excitement from Alex on seeing it was priceless.  He is so excited each morning to 'open' it and has already asked if he can have it again next year.
Each cup has a number (they are in a random order) and contains a chocolate and a little present, hidden by the Christmas napkin so that peeking cannot occur.
There hasn't been time for anything else crafty this week so I thought I would finish with this picture of Alex looking cheeky on our walk in the sunset round Stanage Edge.  The light was stunning. Have a wonderful week everyone.