Wednesday, 20 June 2018

WOYWW 472 (and I'm back!)

Well, I am back in blog land for the first time in nearly 4 years!  It is the delights of the desks and nosing round other peoples crafting spaces on a Wednesday (for What's on your Workdesk Wednesday - WOYWW - hosted by Julia) which has encouraged me back.  My desk is its usual chaos of piles of pens and pencils on the edges in pots and stamps and inks etc around them, with a small patch of bare desk to work on. At the moment my working space is occupied by two index cards I have made using gesso and adirondack ink, my bullet journal and prayer journal piled up on the right, and a book I am reading at the moment as I prepare for a talk I am giving in church on Thursday evening. My main crafting at the moment is joining in with a daily challenge - to decorate an index card anyway I fancy!  The challenge runs for all of June and July and was set by Tammy.
This one was made using alcohol inks and a freebie stamp
This was doodled during a conference day at work to stop me falling asleep!
This was a complete experiment with inks and paint and layering
Another experiment of inks and paint, this time adding in some paper weaving for texture.  That is the beauty and joy of the index card challenge - you can experiment to your hearts content - no rules, no judging, just enjoyable creativity.
Just before I go, I thought I would leave you with a photo of my not so little young man to show how much he has grown up in the past 4 years!  This was taken at the local splash park a couple of weekends ago.  That's all for now, I look forward to hopping round the desks later.

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Messy cardmaking (WOYWW)!

Well this is the state of my desk (as my entry to WOYWW) as it was after an emergency card making space even for my mug of tea as I had turned my patterned paper drawer upside down looking for inspiration for the card I needed to make. Hidden under the paper are the ink pads, dylusion inks and stamps I had been using for a journal page which I abandoned when I remembered the card!
Here is the finished card...sadly I didn't get it to the recipient on time, but I hope she liked it.
Part of the reason for my distractibility this weekend was a little sporting event called 'Le Tour de Yorkshire'...Alex and I went up to Kirk Edge road to watch the tour whizz past. 
The atmosphere was amazing and we enjoyed every bit...I am glad that we didn't try and go to one of the hills, the crowds were so big we wouldn't have seen as much. That's all for now.  Have a great week everyone.

Friday, 4 July 2014

Dinosaur smiles!

Well it is Friday and time for Annie's smiles.  My smiles this week come from the fact that we finally made it to the Dino Jaws exhibition in Leeds as a family - it was small enough for Tim to get round with plenty of rests and was really well set up. Alex was fascinated by the Baryonyx skull
and animatronic model
as well as by the massive pile of dinosaur poo!
It has to be said that all the animatronics were excellent and well worth a visit, and we all enjoyed them (a rare photo of all three of us).
 This week I also had the bonus of a girls night out in Bakewell at the official Bakewell pudding shop where, alongside a delicious meal, we got to make some real Bakewell puddings:
puddings note, not tarts - they are completely different, as this photo shows. It was a great evening with lots of lovely chat and laughter and definitely made me smile. Have a wonderful weekend everyone.

Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Loom bands and camouflage (WOYWW)

Well it is Wednesday and time to show you my desk as part of WOYWW.  As you can see my desk has been taken over by loom bands.  Alex loves them and can make three different varieties of bracelet. However, he keeps asking me to make the more complicated ones which is why the bands are all over my desk.  Half hidden under the bands are my ipad, my phone and various stamps which need cleaning and putting away!
Here are some of the bracelets I have made for him and a smiley face (the smiley face and the starburst bracelet were the most difficult - I definitely need a better and longer loom!).
The main excitement of the week however, has been the amazing parcel that arrived from Jo (Twiglet) - if you check out her blog you will see all the lovely goodies that she very generously made for Alex, all neatly laid out.  She made him camouflage curtains for his den, which have the words 'Top Secret' sewn onto them and were installed immediately as shown here...
a padded cushion for his desk chair, a cushion cover, two pillow cases and a duvet case (already in the wash so he can have them on his bed asap), a wonderful bag which he is wearing (Alex was most impressed with the three pockets inside it - 'it even has a pen pocket Mummy') and the notepad that he is showing in this picture. Thank you once again Jo! Now the pressure is on for my woodworking skills to make the desk to complete the den (although it wont be this weekend with the school fete and tour de France). 
I hope you all have a wonderful week.

Friday, 27 June 2014

Ikea smiles

Sadly we didn’t get to do what we planned last weekend as Tim was too ill to go out so my smiles (for Annie’s smiles) come from a trip to Ikea in Leeds, that Alex and I made to go and get some of the furniture for his new den under his bed.  It is the first time Alex had ever been to Ikea so he thoroughly enjoyed looking round the different rooms, being pushed around on the trolley and testing out some of the chairs – I think he is a little big for this one, don’t you!
This is him with all the things for his den (plus a few items for the rest of the house) as we headed to the checkout.
Needless to say I had to build him the furniture the moment we got back. This is the cosy end of the den which he loves; the other end still needs a desk installing - we are going to custom make that to fit the space so it will be a little while before it happens. At the moment it has a small set of drawers, a desk chair and some file storage all ready and waiting for the desk. He has also requested some curtains to turn it into a top secret spy den (they are on their way thanks to Jo - her generosity really made me smile this week).
Alex also had a wonderful time at a friends party this weekend (I had to crop the photo to show only Alex waving a balloon sword - they all had them and were posing as a group round the monkey mascot).  That is all from me for now.

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

art journalling (WOYWW)

Well, as my entry to WOYWW this week, I have two shots of my desk to show you.  This first one is when it was tidy and covered in the crafting goodies that Tim gave me for our wedding anniversary - you can see some new stamps, new stencils, a little bottle of liquid pearls, some pens and some grunge paste.
The second shot is from when I had been playing with lots of those items in making some pages for my art journal!  There is stuff everywhere (stamps, paints, distress paints, inks, pens, stencils - you name it and it is on there somewhere!) and hiding in the middle is my trusty mug of tea, almost empty now.
Here is the wedding anniversary page that I generated using acrylic paints applied with a spatula, stencilling (again with the acrylic paints), pen work, stamping, liquid pearls and a small photo from our wedding.
This next page is the 'Family' page generated with acrylic paints, masking, stencilling, stamping, pens, a making memories 'tie' and a photo of the three of us taken last summer.
Finally I made the 'Who am I?' page using dylusion spray inks, water through a stencil, masking, stencilling, stamping, and hand drawing/writing.  I think it is fair to say I have found my mojo again! That is all from me for now. Have a great week everyone,

Friday, 20 June 2014

creative and carnival smiles!

Well we have had a busy week this week with lots to smile about so here is my entry to Annie's smiles. Firstly, last weekend I finally managed to get Alex's cabin bed assembled, and boy was it a challenge doing it in his tiny little box room of a bedroom.  I was stiff and aching for days afterwards, but it was worth it as he is so happy with it and he has plans to turn the space under the bed into a 'spy den'.  Curtains have been commissioned (thanks Jo!), some furniture chosen, and his Grandpa is lined up to make a desk.  It may be a month or more before it is completed, but he is simply happy that the process has started (we promised him this about a year or more ago).
Have you heard of loom bands?  It is a craze that seems to be going around school age children at the moment in the UK. You use little coloured rubber bands and weave them together to make a bracelet.  With Alex's hypermobile fingers and wrists I thought he might struggle with it, but he has taken to it really well and made three different style bands for the school world cup carnival - this was his first one.
Today was the school world cup carnival, where the children dressed up in the colours of their country and then paraded round the streets near school playing instruments and shouting very loudly. Alex's class were representing Australia so he proudly went to school in his bright yellow shirt, armed with three different loom band bracelets of yellow and green.  The carnival was VERY loud and lots of fun as you can tell.  That is all from me for now...lots to smile about as you can tell.  Have a great weekend.