Wednesday, 18 July 2018


Where did last week go?  The time seems to be flying past at the moment... it is the end of term and end of Primary School for Alex on Friday and I just know I will cry and embarrass him at his leavers assembly (I have been banned from helping at the leavers disco!).  Anyway, I digress...
This is my desk in all its chaotic glory for What's on your Workdesk Wednesday (WOYWW) which is a lovely blog hop round crafting spaces courtesy of Julia.  As you can see there is a mug of tea (yes, it is enormous - it holds 1 litre!) and a general mixture of washi tapes, acrylic paints, inks, pens, stencils etc as I was hastily making my latest index card in a 10 minute window!  My index cards this week are a pretty eclectic bunch as you can see below...
 This was a fun one to draw on an inked background
 This one used distress crayons and stencils as well as a stamp and inks
 Doodled circles, lots of doodled circles!
 Water colours for this one with a Bible quote
 An experiment that didnt really work as the paper was too saturated!
Messing with paints and inks.

Last weekend I introduced Alex to the joys and fun of wild swimming - we went in the Derwent near Chatsworth and it was heavenly so I will leave you with a few photos...

That's all for now... Have a nice week.

Wednesday, 11 July 2018


Wow, another week has flown by and it is time for another nosey around the crafting desks of blogland courtesy of Julia. So in the fine tradition of the desks, here is mine!
This was taken this morning. Last night I had just finished decorating another index card for the index card a day (ICAD) challenge. I had started to put away some of the things I used such as the acrylic paints and distress inks but then got sidetracked and left it in this state!
This was the card I was working on.  I have now completed 40 index cards out of the 61 with most of them completed on the day.  The following photos are just a few of the index cards I have made this week, trialling very different techniques and media, but all using Bible quotes as their inspiration.
 Watery scenes using stamps, brushos, and distress inks
 Musical background using washy tape and then tissue paper I had used as a rag for mopping up paint and ink and cleaning paint brushes!
 A couple of Lavinia Stamps and additional drawing and then water colours
Water colours blown across the page.

Finally I thought I would finish off with this photo of Alex proudly walking back from his first transition day at secondary school.  His new school is a 35 minute walk from home and he walked all the way there by himself.  I did offer to give him a lift, but he was determined to do it.  He seemed to enjoy the transition days, and likes his form tutor so we are praying that it all works out for him in the Autumn.

Thanks for visiting, comments are always welcome

Wednesday, 4 July 2018


Another week has flown by and it is time for a nosey round each others desks courtesy of Julia.

My desk is looking remarkably tidy - well sort of (for me!) - you can at least see space for crafting but everything else is piled up round the edges.  The truth is I need some more storage for my crafting goodies - it has been promised, but I need to clear the study in order to re-decorate and then put up the new furniture.  Needless to say full-time work, caring duties and Mummy duties mean that time to do this is at a premium, but all being well it will happen at some point this year!
This is a birthday card I made for my sister-in-law who loves elephants.  The rest of my crafting this week has been more index cards for the ICAD challenge (index card a day) which I am really enjoying at the moment. Here are a few I have done this week...

And just to finish, the sun is so lovely that we are making the most of it.  Here is Alex at our local paddling pool, snorkelling in about 6-8 inches of water LOL!

I hope you are all enjoying the sun.  Have a great week.

Wednesday, 27 June 2018


Where did that week go?  I cant believe it is Wednesday already and time for a nosey rounds lots of peoples crafting spaces via Julia's blog.  My desk is in the process of clearing up one project and about to start another.

On it you can see my dirty paint water (I had already spilt some of this), my cleaned brushes, stamps that need putting away and various other bits and pieces that I used for my most recent project. At the back instead of a mug of tea there is a large glass of diet coke (too hot for tea!)

This weekend we celebrated our 17th wedding anniversary by eating far too much and sitting in the garden with our feet in the paddling pool! 
We went out and had an extremely special afternoon tea - so much food we had to take the cakes home in a doggy bag for later!
I have been keeping up with the index card a day challenge this week as well - the following are a few of the cards i have made.  I am using this as an experiment to try different techniques and things i would not normally have the courage to do which is fun.

I will leave you with a photo of Alex cooling off in the paddling pool after school yesterday - wearing his school shirt and swimming shorts!
I hope that you have a wonderful week.

Wednesday, 20 June 2018

WOYWW 472 (and I'm back!)

Well, I am back in blog land for the first time in nearly 4 years!  It is the delights of the desks and nosing round other peoples crafting spaces on a Wednesday (for What's on your Workdesk Wednesday - WOYWW - hosted by Julia) which has encouraged me back.  My desk is its usual chaos of piles of pens and pencils on the edges in pots and stamps and inks etc around them, with a small patch of bare desk to work on. At the moment my working space is occupied by two index cards I have made using gesso and adirondack ink, my bullet journal and prayer journal piled up on the right, and a book I am reading at the moment as I prepare for a talk I am giving in church on Thursday evening. My main crafting at the moment is joining in with a daily challenge - to decorate an index card anyway I fancy!  The challenge runs for all of June and July and was set by Tammy.
This one was made using alcohol inks and a freebie stamp
This was doodled during a conference day at work to stop me falling asleep!
This was a complete experiment with inks and paint and layering
Another experiment of inks and paint, this time adding in some paper weaving for texture.  That is the beauty and joy of the index card challenge - you can experiment to your hearts content - no rules, no judging, just enjoyable creativity.
Just before I go, I thought I would leave you with a photo of my not so little young man to show how much he has grown up in the past 4 years!  This was taken at the local splash park a couple of weekends ago.  That's all for now, I look forward to hopping round the desks later.

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Messy cardmaking (WOYWW)!

Well this is the state of my desk (as my entry to WOYWW) as it was after an emergency card making space even for my mug of tea as I had turned my patterned paper drawer upside down looking for inspiration for the card I needed to make. Hidden under the paper are the ink pads, dylusion inks and stamps I had been using for a journal page which I abandoned when I remembered the card!
Here is the finished card...sadly I didn't get it to the recipient on time, but I hope she liked it.
Part of the reason for my distractibility this weekend was a little sporting event called 'Le Tour de Yorkshire'...Alex and I went up to Kirk Edge road to watch the tour whizz past. 
The atmosphere was amazing and we enjoyed every bit...I am glad that we didn't try and go to one of the hills, the crowds were so big we wouldn't have seen as much. That's all for now.  Have a great week everyone.

Friday, 4 July 2014

Dinosaur smiles!

Well it is Friday and time for Annie's smiles.  My smiles this week come from the fact that we finally made it to the Dino Jaws exhibition in Leeds as a family - it was small enough for Tim to get round with plenty of rests and was really well set up. Alex was fascinated by the Baryonyx skull
and animatronic model
as well as by the massive pile of dinosaur poo!
It has to be said that all the animatronics were excellent and well worth a visit, and we all enjoyed them (a rare photo of all three of us).
 This week I also had the bonus of a girls night out in Bakewell at the official Bakewell pudding shop where, alongside a delicious meal, we got to make some real Bakewell puddings:
puddings note, not tarts - they are completely different, as this photo shows. It was a great evening with lots of lovely chat and laughter and definitely made me smile. Have a wonderful weekend everyone.