Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Messy cardmaking (WOYWW)!

Well this is the state of my desk (as my entry to WOYWW) as it was after an emergency card making space even for my mug of tea as I had turned my patterned paper drawer upside down looking for inspiration for the card I needed to make. Hidden under the paper are the ink pads, dylusion inks and stamps I had been using for a journal page which I abandoned when I remembered the card!
Here is the finished card...sadly I didn't get it to the recipient on time, but I hope she liked it.
Part of the reason for my distractibility this weekend was a little sporting event called 'Le Tour de Yorkshire'...Alex and I went up to Kirk Edge road to watch the tour whizz past. 
The atmosphere was amazing and we enjoyed every bit...I am glad that we didn't try and go to one of the hills, the crowds were so big we wouldn't have seen as much. That's all for now.  Have a great week everyone.

Friday, 4 July 2014

Dinosaur smiles!

Well it is Friday and time for Annie's smiles.  My smiles this week come from the fact that we finally made it to the Dino Jaws exhibition in Leeds as a family - it was small enough for Tim to get round with plenty of rests and was really well set up. Alex was fascinated by the Baryonyx skull
and animatronic model
as well as by the massive pile of dinosaur poo!
It has to be said that all the animatronics were excellent and well worth a visit, and we all enjoyed them (a rare photo of all three of us).
 This week I also had the bonus of a girls night out in Bakewell at the official Bakewell pudding shop where, alongside a delicious meal, we got to make some real Bakewell puddings:
puddings note, not tarts - they are completely different, as this photo shows. It was a great evening with lots of lovely chat and laughter and definitely made me smile. Have a wonderful weekend everyone.

Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Loom bands and camouflage (WOYWW)

Well it is Wednesday and time to show you my desk as part of WOYWW.  As you can see my desk has been taken over by loom bands.  Alex loves them and can make three different varieties of bracelet. However, he keeps asking me to make the more complicated ones which is why the bands are all over my desk.  Half hidden under the bands are my ipad, my phone and various stamps which need cleaning and putting away!
Here are some of the bracelets I have made for him and a smiley face (the smiley face and the starburst bracelet were the most difficult - I definitely need a better and longer loom!).
The main excitement of the week however, has been the amazing parcel that arrived from Jo (Twiglet) - if you check out her blog you will see all the lovely goodies that she very generously made for Alex, all neatly laid out.  She made him camouflage curtains for his den, which have the words 'Top Secret' sewn onto them and were installed immediately as shown here...
a padded cushion for his desk chair, a cushion cover, two pillow cases and a duvet case (already in the wash so he can have them on his bed asap), a wonderful bag which he is wearing (Alex was most impressed with the three pockets inside it - 'it even has a pen pocket Mummy') and the notepad that he is showing in this picture. Thank you once again Jo! Now the pressure is on for my woodworking skills to make the desk to complete the den (although it wont be this weekend with the school fete and tour de France). 
I hope you all have a wonderful week.