Friday, 3 December 2010

Nearly 2 foot!

Yes, we ended up with total of somewhere around 2 foot of snow! Needless to say nursery was still closed yesterday so I ended up working from home again.  We made it into work today, but had to dig our car out of this snow!
Alex loves digging in the snow so we had a great time playing out in it.
We even sledged to our local shop yesterday to discover that there was no food left...only sweets and alcohol!   Luckily we have plenty of food in, it was only milk that we were running out of and I managed to pick some up at work today.
Sadly the snow was a bit too powdery to make a decent snow man, but just trying to wade through the deep patches, falling over, making snow angels
and throwing the snow at me proved enough of an entertainment for Alex and gave him some much needed time to work off steam.
I haven't had much chance for crafting as I have been trying to do our Christmas letter, but I did make this birthday card for a work colleague.  It follows this weeks PTW sketch, and the MTTC vintage card and Spoonfull of sugar recipe (3 patterned papers, 3 flowers and 3 gems) challenges.  Have a good weekend everyone and stay safe and warm.

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