Friday, 21 March 2014

A gappy smile!

My main smile for this week happened on Tuesday. Alex came back from a school trip to North Anston Butterfly house with a newly gappy grin as the first of his top teeth had finally come out after months of being wobbly. I asked Alex where his tooth was and he looked at me with a lopsided smile and said ‘in the meercat enclosure at the butterfly place’.  I have to confess to howling with laughter as this is so typical Alex!
He then, despite telling me with utmost confidence that the tooth fairy wouldn’t mind and would see that he now had a gap in his teeth, decided to make her a card just in case. 
This is the front cover
And this is the letter inside. I am linking this to Annie’s smiles and I hope it made you smile as much as it did me.  Have a lovely weekend.


Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

What an adorable toothy gap and grin. Of course, I'm sure the tooth fairy will still take pity on Alex after that impassioned letter. This is too, too funny. Love it. Have a great Friday and weekend, too.

Annie said...

I'm certainly smiling. Our little Phoebe lost her first tooth on the school playground and the tooth fairy even wrote her a note back to say she had found the tooth and to say thank you ;-)
Annie x

MaggieC said...

Yes, that did make me smile. His letter is just so lovely and just perfect. I think that where we all go wrong on the maths question is that we just do not read the question, and read 40 as 400 and so on. That is my theory anyway, and I am sticking to it. xx Maggie

Judys Fabrications said...

Oh what a little darling! LOVE that gappy smile. I used to teach kids your boy's age, and I miss those gappy smiles and child laughter.Is there anything more cheery than hearing kids laugh!

Gill Edwards said...

oh that takes me back, how sweet they are with gaps.
I hope the fairy paid Alex a visit to read his lovely letter.
Gill x

mamapez5 said...

A gappy smile makes them look so endearing! And what tooth-fairy could resist such a plea?! Kate xx

Hettie said...

Aw Bless Him. At least he said Please! Good Boy!

scrappymo! said...

Little Mr P just lost his first tooth. He was so fe up with it being wiggly for so long that he asked his sister (age 7) to pull it out. 3 tries and it was done...much better he said!

He can be a bit of a fraidy cat at times, so I was surprised to see him so brave! When I asked him about it, he said he surprised himself too! lol

Yours looks proud that it is gone and I love the story and letter about the meerkat enclosure!!!

Journal is looking great...I have not been around WOYWW much for about 6 months as I haven't had the time to visit everyone...don't like to post and run there!
Crafty hugs
It has been a long time since we sent our ATC's
Maureen aka Scrappymo!

Virginia said...

Oh wow that is definitely a scrapping moment right there - fabulous stuff!

Elizabeth said...

Hi Caro, love the photo of your gap-toothed boy and I'm so impressed that he didn't mind that he lost his tooth to the meerkats. His letter to the tooth fairy was sure to work wonders :) Elizabeth xx