Wednesday 5 January 2022

WOYWW 657 - Happy New Year!

 Happy New Year everyone and welcome back to my blog. I was missing in action last week due to a lovely visit to my Mum's but more of that later!

This is my desk as it was looking at about 10pm last night, hence no mug of tea - even I don't drink tea that late or I am up all night!  You can see my two new journals which are waiting for me to write in (I do this every evening), and a pile of books to the left of the desk which are some of my Christmas presents. 

I thought you may like to see the contrast in the journals - these show last years bullet journal (black covers) compared to this years, and last years diary (with photos) compared to this years.  I actually bought the wrong diary this year - it has twice as many pages at the back so I have no idea how I am going to fill it!  A challenge for another day.

Over the holiday I did manage to have some crafting time and completed last years diary entries as shown in all these photos.  The next time I get to craft I will be starting the new diary, but I am preaching this week and still need to prepare the sermon. 

We had a lovely Christmas with my in laws and then went down to Somerset to my Mum's for a few days.  On both occasions we were joined by other members of the family so it was lovely. 

Needless to say there has been some swimming involved over the past few weeks - this photo was taken on New Years Eve, I also swam on New Years day, starting the New year as I intend to continue. That's all from me for now. I hope you are all keeping safe and well,

With love & God Bless,




Mary Anne said...

Happy New Year!
Such lovely photos of you and the fam. And yes, I recall the difference between the notebooks for my 100 days project. One looked like a pie wedge LOL! I had to very much rein in the additions or it would have ended up a right angle. I find you swimming with a hat on quite an amusing image - your dedication is impressive :D

Happy 1st WOYWW of 2022!
Mary Anne (11)

Annie said...

Happy New Year to you and yours. Love the photos. It looks like you’ve had a lovely festive time with your family....just what it should be all about.
Annie x #16

Twiglet said...

Happy New Year! Lovely, happy photos Caro and your diary pages are brilliant - so good to look back on and remember all the things you did - you are such a busy bee! xx Jo

Zsuzsa Karoly-Smith said...

I love your journalling with the colourful stickers and photos and enjoyed looking through your family photos as well! Happy New Year, Caro! xx zsuzsa #25

Helen said...

Happy New year! You had a creative time in your journals and it must have been fabulous to get to see your family at Christmas . Stay safe. Helen #3

Crafting With Jack said...

Happy New Year Caro and keep on swimming! Must be very tempting to not go when it’s cold. Lovely happy photographs of your Christmas. Angela #1

glitterandglue said...

Happy New Year, Caro. Oh my! I am sitting here shivering, thinking of you in that water!!! What lovely photos of you all together with family over the holidays. Great that you could meet up.
Hope you get all the service plans together for your preach on Sunday - I have had an email this morning saying the guy who is preaching can't come because his wife has tested positive - so, not sure who I will be working with this week - it's my turn to lead worship...
I don't know how you keep up with all those journals and diaries - I can't do it at all - journalling just isn't for me - but I loved to see the pile of reading you have!! I devour books, and when my daughter asked what I would like for Christmas gave her a long list of potentials. By going on a secondhand book site (I have no objection, and actually encouraged her) she managed to get me 9!! Yes - 9. I am going to have fun with them all
Take care. God bless.
Margaret #14

Lunch Lady Jan said...

Lovely pics from your Christmas with the family, I’m so pleased you managed to get together. I’m sure you’ll fill that new diary somehow, lol, one page at a time!! Wow for swimming at the moment, I take my hat off to you!
Happy 2022!
Hugs LLJ 6 xxx

StampinCarol said...

Love your journal pages. And to have photos with family, wonderful!
Love your family pics. I had a shiver seeing you swimming.
Happy New Year!
Carol N #4

Felix the Crafty Cat said...

Hi Caro. A bit late tonight but always try to get round everyone if possible so I'm here to wish you Happy New Year. Loving the photos of the family, you all look very happy. The journals look great too. Have a lovely woyww and a good week. Hugs, Angela x20x

Sarah Brennan said...

Looks like a great Christmas all round Caro - so glad it was possible. Your journal/diary are looking great too. Hope the sermon prep goes well. Happy New Year, stay safe and Happy WOYWW. Sarah #12

Julia Dunnit said...

How different the diary and journal look before you use them, it must be exciting to contemplate starting the new ones. And both are absolute treasures, it must be marvellous to look back….how many years have you been doing them? So happy to see that you had some lovely time with both families, it makes such a lovely difference to the joy quotient at Christmas if you ask me. Wonderful smiley pics. Well, I hope that your new kitchen is bringing you great pleasure and wish you a much less turbulent year in terms of house, housing, renovations and unplanned work! Xxxxx

Spyder said...

Happy New Year! I'm house sitting dogs for a couple of weeks, so I'm very late getting around woyww deaks. Love the photos and the journals! Take care Happy WOYWW!! ((Lyn)) #9