Sunday, 15 November 2009

An adventure...not!

Well yesterday we set out to go to my parents-in-law for the day only to have a 1.75 hour journey turn into a 4.25 hour epic due to an accident closing the M1 both southbound and northbound. The tail back was for miles and nearly all the surrounding roads were gridlocked. Eventually Tim found us a little back route around the mess and we did make it, although we were very close to giving up and going home. Alex was actually remarkably good, as although he didn't like sitting still in traffic the thought of not seeing his cousins was more upsetting to him. I am glad that we made it in the end as we all had a nice time when we were there, especially Alex who loved playing on the quadbike.
his cousins kept making towers for him to knockdown and generally all three played great games together...including rough and tumble gameswhile the adults lazed around! Needless to say we came an alternative, non motorway route home.
Today we had a day of cleaning, tidying, washing, shopping etc and this afternoon Alex and I went to the park. It was rather cold but he had a great time running round playing on his scooter, climbing up the ladder and climbing frame, sliding down the different slides and generally burning off energy. I enjoyed watching him until it started to rain! Needless to say I haven't had much time for crafting so have only made two Christmas cards using the free papers from Cardmaking and papercraft magazine. Both of these fit with the 'four seasons' challenge from SCSC as they are winter, and they both fit with the CCT glitter challenge. The second one also fits with the Spoonfull of sugar challenge to create a scene as I used a sakura glaze pen to generate the snow dots, cut out the trees and painted snow on them, tore some paper and covered it with glitter glue for the snow and then added the raindeer with sleigh and parcels for my scene. Have to dash now so have a great week everyone.

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LazyKay said...

Alex has lot his baby look now and he's certainly turned into a wee boy!

Looks as if you had a great time but then after the nightmare of the gridlock you'd have welcomed the break.