Wednesday, 31 October 2012

David the Pumpkin! (WOYWW)

We have a new addition to our household - David the Pumpkin.  He was designed by Alex and carved by me, and is Alex's new best friend. In fact we almost had tears when Alex realised that David wasn't going to last long before going mouldy.  As a result Alex is making the most of having David with him.  Indeed, David watches Alex in the bath, has his tea with Alex, had breakfast with us all as a family, took Alex to holiday club today and watches television with Alex!
Here is my desk as part of WOYWW. It is amazingly tidy at the moment because I worked from home yesterday and Alex was too busy playing with David to want to craft this morning.  On my desk is my new Smash book which I am currently working on, some berol pens (promarkers leak through the smash book pages), my trusty mug of tea, and peeping from behind it a punch that Alex used in our crafting session yesterday.  To the left of the smash book you can see my altered book, which I have finally finished after starting it 4 years ago!
For ages I have wanted a book in which to record spiritual things of meaning to me, but didn't have the confidence in my artistic abilities to have an Art Journal as such.  When I came across Smash books on the web the other day I thought that they would be perfect and was going to ask for one for Christmas.  Two days later my darling husband gave this one to me! I am so excited and couldn't wait to play. My first page is a pictoral and words representation of our church's vision. It isn't designed to be a great artistic masterpiece, just  a memory of important things that I can look back on, kept somewhere I can find.  I am looking forward to doing more in this book over the coming months.
In addition to playing with my new smash book, I have made this card following this weeks Less is More sketch. I used masking and inking with my distress inks and then added the Lavinia Stamps poppy stamp in black.  Finally I finished it off with a sentiment stamp from Crafty Individuals.
That is all from me for now.  Have a great week everyone.


Chrissie said...

This is pretty Caro, that's a super stamp.
Thanks so much
Less is More

Annie said...

I'm sat reading my WOYWW blogs on my sick bed this week but have my mask on so you don't catch anything. I'm enjoying reading what everyone is up to this week [it's better than reading magazines :-) ]. I'm leaving a copied comment so you know I've called by because my hands are too weak and shaky to keep typing out my comments this week.
Big hugs,
A x #93

caz said...

I hope David doesn't go mouldy too soon or Alex is going to be disappointed!
That's a stunning card - love the contract of colour with the black image
Have a good week

Anita said...

Gorgeous card and colours!

Spyder said...

Fabulous Pumpkin. We didn't have one this year, seeing it was just me and him! But 'him' bought loads of treats, and by 9 0clock when no one called round, we ate them all! (It was dark and raining!) Your journal looks fabulous, I keep meaning to do something, but can never find the time!! Happy Very late WoyWw!! ((Lyn ))# 25 I think!!

...I was 6...but I don't know what happened...such a slow typest!!

JoZart said...

Hi Caro
thanks for popping in on me and you're in on the draw for the bits & bobs box plus a surprise.
Alex is so sweet looking after David like that.
Love your Smash book, what a special project, and your card is stunning. Simple but very striking. Have a great weekend.
Lv Jo x

Lunch Lady Jan said...

I adore the fact that Alex loves David the Pumpkin so much! My son had an invisible friend called Little Mouse, who was part of our family for a very long time...I just love the innocence of it all :)
And your spiritual book is beautiful!
Hugs, LLJ xxx

okienurse said...

WTG! Caro! I love the new smash books and know as you grow the books will too but I think that is part of their unique character...showing growth! Poor Alex! I have an artificial pumpkin I would be willing to send to you to carve for him to make him a stable David the Pumpkin. Send me your addy if you would like it. Thanks for sharing have a crafting week. Vickie #37

Chris said...

Lovely colour combination and great stamping!

Hands to Work, Hearts to God said...

HI Caro,
i really think your page is fantastic and I think the Lord is pleased too! I believe that anything we do to help us grow closer in out relationship with Him, and become the person He wants us to be, will be rewarded. Much like the loaves and fishes. When i started my faith journal in 2006, I just started with cutting up magazine pictures. And now, 6 years later,I can say that God multiplied my gifts, not only to bless myself but others as well. You will be surprised at what He will do through you! Blessings! Patsy from

MaggieC said...

Hope David is still in good condition. I think you need lots of photos to comfort Alex when David finally succumbs. Great card as well as such a lovely photo. xx Maggie #44

Cazzy said...

Alex's face is a picture! What a beaming smile at having a new friend!
(You might have to knit him a David or sew one to replace the old version
Great book, and gorgeous card Caro.

Cazzy x