Saturday, 13 July 2013

Wedding smiles!

I'm late for Annie's smiles and Rocking your world Friday as this has been a super busy week. My entry this week is all about family as my cousin got married last weekend giving me a chance to catch up with all of Dad's side of the family.
I guess I couldn't get away without showing you the photo of me in all my glad rags!
In the afternoon there were various fair games to play including coconut shies (I knocked a coconut down), frickets, large scale jenga, huge pick up sticks, throwing horse shoes and splat the rat.  All great fun.
This is the photo of my Dad's family (minus most of our children)
Following the evening meal there was a disco with a  live band and here are my three aunts (Dad's sisters) dancing with my only girl cousin and the happy couple.
The following day we went back for a lovely walk, and lunch before seeing the happy couple off on their honeymoon.  Between lunch and the walk however, there was a rather tense game of jenga!
Where was Alex while all this was going on?  He was having his first ever sleepover without me at his cousins. 
He had a wonderful time and is looking forward to staying at Grandma's without me later this summer! That is all from me for now.  Have a wonderful week everyone.


Virginia said...

Oh you looked lovely and fine weather for a wedding too - glad the sleepover went well too - primed ready for next time! Hope you have a beautiful and blessed week ahead much love

Annie said...

What wonderful happy pics this week Caro. It looks like it was a perfect day for family celebration.
Annie x

Elizabeth said...

Hi Caro, gorgeous photos - the bride was beautiful and so were you - your glad rags are lovely. I have no idea what Jenga is, or fricket, but they sound like a lot of fun. You DS looks as though he had a lot of fun sleeping over too. Hope you are having an enjoyable weekend. Elizabeth x #57

JoZart said...

What a lovely, memorable, family event. You looked amazing in your wedding outfit and purple is my favourite colour. I bet Alex enjoyed his sleepover but I bet you worried about him even though he was i safe hands!
Thanks for popping in on me but so sorry I'm late,
love Jo x

Angie said...

What an amazing confetti shot. You look gorgeous btw.xx

Carmen said...

Lovely post - you aren't the only one posting late but it's not an unusual thing for me ;)

So nice to see all those activities at the wedding and you look fab!

Have a lovely week :)

scrappyjen said...

Fabulous photos! Looks like a great week... hope next week is jolly for you, jenx