Friday, 5 July 2013

Hot and sunny smiles!

It is Friday and therefore time for Annie's smiles and Rocking your world Friday. This has been a busy week, but before I get to that here are some happy photos from last weekend of my little man enjoying the revamped paddling pools and water play area near us.
What fun he had splashing round in the sun. 

Now the reason I wasn't around for my usual posting on Wednesday is that I have been away at a conference in Bristol.  The conference was held in Wills Hall, and was extremely good, but the most exciting part of it was the conference dinner which was held on SS Great Britain.
We even had some sun, after most of the day was overcast.
 'Bob' the curator gave us a fascinating talk about the ship
and then we were given free reign to explore wherever we wanted... I decided to try my hand at being captain!
Dinner was held in the First class Dining Hall (where Prince Albert dined on the day he launched the ship (19th July 1843)... they renovated the room using the newspaper cuttings from the day.
The food was delicious (salmon for starter, lamb for main course and apple crumble and clotted cream for desert all served with very nice wine),  the company good fun,
and then we were allowed to continue our explorations...this was an area they left mostly untouched to show the state that she was in when she came back to the UK in 1970 and why she will never float again.
I then decided to have a quick lie down to see what it would have been like in one of those bunks in steerage (3rd class).
I could continue showing you photos forever as it was so beautifully done up with smells, sounds and statues in various cabins, galleys, surgeons rooms etc.  If you are ever in Bristol I highly recommend a visit (it is wheelchair friendly too).
I couldn't describe a visit to Bristol without a photo of one of the many Gromits that have appeared around the city (this one was at SS Great Britain).  I am now getting ready to go away again, this time to a wedding so photos of that next week, I promise.  Have a good week everyone.


JoZart said...

What fabulous photos of a wonderful trip. I sawan article about the Gromits in a newspaper. We did similar here in Liverpool with Superlambananas for the Capital of Culture 2008 and it really vitalises the city.
I'll do the instructions for the flag tag book asap. They are so easy and would be ideal for a wedding album.
Love Jo
you are in for the candy BTW!

Virginia said...

Oh wow - they are awesome photos! You look like you had a fabulous time and I adore the Gromit!

Angie said...

Robbie and Kris would have loved that ship ...a day out to either a ship or castle makes their day. My kids were always being taken out to castles by my husband, when they were young ....not sure they loved them as much but the practice of that sort of day out has stuck.
What a great shot with the water. xx

Tracy said...

It does look beautiful. I love that Grommitt too!

Annie said...

Really happy sunny snaps this week Caro. Doesn't it make us feel good?
Thanks for sharing.
Annie x

mamapez5 said...

I love Grommit. He will certainly brighten up a few folks day. The ship looks very interesting and the meal excellent! It is good to see enough sunshine for your lad to enjoy a splash around. Have a great week. Kate x

Suzy said...

Wow the ship looks fabulous and I love the Gromit

Have a great weekend

Twiglet said...

Fab photos - especially that amazing Grommet! x Jo

RosC said...

Well that was interesting!!! My Great Grandmother came to Australia on the Great Britain in the early 1800s. She was quite young and wrote a journal which a cousin of mine published. I thoroughly enjoyed your photos of the dining table and all.
Thank you for sharing it.

scrappyjen said...

I love the gromit! I had heard about those! lovely photos... have a great week, jenx

Carmen said...

Late catching up with the Rockers. (Again.) I'm so jealous about the Gromits - I keep seeing them popping up in people's feeds on FB. No chance of my getting near Bristol before they go - got to save pennies for petrol to Scotland in August. So am enjoying seeing other people finding them :)

The ship looks so much fun - really bringing history to life.

Hope you have a great week, have fun at the wedding :)

Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

wodnerful post Caro loved the water play but other very interesting, too Shaz in oz.x