Friday, 28 June 2013

Exhausted smiles!

It is Friday and therefore time to join in with Annie's smiles and Rocking your world Friday. I am utterly exhausted having had a rotten week sleep wise, but I am smiling lots because I have finished my grant is just waiting for Research Office approval before final submission on Monday.  That aside, one of the things that made me really smile this week was a new camera, a slim-line, Panasonic DMC-TZ40 complete with 20x Optical zoom (my wedding anniversary present) - here is one of the photos I have taken with it.
This is another photo taken with the macro function on it - the first half-way decent shot I have ever got of a foxglove!
Another thing that made me smile was a steam train ride...
I adore steam and we go on at least one train ride a year.
It didn't matter that it was raining, we all had a great time
Finally, I had a surprise parcel of a knitted crab, known as Great Aunt Crabitha, who has come to stay for a little while... Alex wants to adopt her and keep her, but she is still enjoying her travels and will be leaving us again at some point soon.  That is all from me for now.  Enjoy your weekend everyone.


Annie said...

Oh where do I start? I love the new camera shots of those stunning flowers and your train ride looks fab. That little visiting crab is just gorgeous too.
Annie x

Suzy said...

How fab to get a new camera and those flower pics are just Gorgeous. A ride in a steam train sounds just lovely and I adore Great Aunt Crabitha

Have a lovely weekend
Suzy x

Virginia said...

Oh a full on week for you again, loving the flower photos, new cameras are fun to get to know. Loving the steam train ride, not been on one of those in years, although we do frequent Elsecar and wander along to where the trains are. Loving the knitted crab - I can totally understand the request for adoption!

I hope you have a beautiful and blessed week ahead. Thank you for joining in - makes me smile a lot!



mamapez5 said...

What beautiful flower photos! You will have fun discovering what you can do with your new camera. I used to live a ten minute drive from the steam railway at Llangollen, and when my boys were little, it was a favourite trip out on a Sunday afternoon to see them. Kate x

Anne said...

Beautiful photos. Caro. Lovely smile from Alex. I have not forgotten you asking about us all and will email. Have been v busy with mum,auntie and own family. Have a good weekend. Anne x