Friday, 7 June 2013

Zorbing, Chatsworth and Archery fun!

It is Friday and time for Annie's smiles and Rocking Your world Friday.  There have been plenty of things to smile about this last week, not least the sun and Alex having his first ever zorbing adventure!
It was wonderful watching him fling himself around the place inside the ball... he was fairly good at staying upright for little runs before falling over again... it was very funny to watch!
For Alex's back to school treat he chose to explore Chatsworth gardens... who was I to argue!
We explored pretty much every single water feature, but Alex's favourite was the cascade which he clambered up and down actually standing in the water.
He also enjoyed the maze which was really quite challenging and the greatest of fun.
I actually had a girls night out last night (a rare treat) in which I got to do archery with the ladies from was great fun and I actually managed to shoot a few bulls eyes!
Here is the evidence if you don't believe me (the other lady is another Carolyn and she shot one of the arrows - I shot the other two!). That is all from me for now.  I hope you all enjoy your weekend...I am looking forward to more fun in the sun with Alex.


Annie said...

What a fab post Caro. Lots to smile about in your week :-)
Thanks for sharing.
Annie x

Angie said...

Wow you must have strong arms ... well done getting bulls. I had to smile at the antics in the ball but most of all that he chose Chatsworth. My two grandsons like that sort of day out ....they often choose to visit a castle rather than a play park...only the chance of a zoo visit beats a castle for Robbie.
Thank you for sharing Alex's wonderful smile with us. xx

Carol said...

Hi Caro, great photos, Alex looks like he had a really good time. I remember paddling in that cascade, probably at a similar age to him.
The archery sounds a very different night out, I'd have to make sure there wasn't any living creature within a mile of me if I had a go!
Thank you for the smiles, have a lovely weekend.
Carol xx

Gill Edwards said...

Nice to see Alex having so much fun. I had a go at archery many moons ago and loved it but hae never done it since.

Gill x

scrappyjen said...

Fabulous photos! Love the archery and Chatsworth of course! jenx

Virginia said...

We almost crossed paths this week with Chatsworth, it is such a magical place to visit. I love how the water fall sounds different at each part of the Cascade all the way down - done intentionally with different steps in the stone - amazing stuff! The zorbing looks fun said 12 year old has attempted that at times - not quite as easy as it looks! and archery - something I've never had a go out - amazing stuff. I hope your week is truly beautiful and blessed - thank you for joining in.


Anne said...

I like Chatsworth as well Caro. Alex certainly looks to be having a great time. Zorbing looks lots of fun. So plesed you got a girls night out as well. Love Anne x
PS Will email you latest news re everyone!!!

Carmen said...

Zorbing looks so much fun and Chatsworth House - well, that has to go on my list of 'to visit' places one day. between yours and Virginia's pictures it just looks so beautiful and interesting.

Well done on the archery - did you feel it in the arms next day?

Have a fantastic week Caro - it's so lovely seeing a new Friday Rocker :)

Laura said...

Just catching up on last Fridays Smiles
Bet Alex enjoyed the zorbing