Friday, 27 September 2013

Relieved smiles!

I have a lot to smile about this week so I am entering Annie's smiles and Rocking your world Friday as usual.  Last weekend we went to my in-laws and Alex challenged his Grandpa to a game...can you tell who won a point!
The three cousins had a great time playing football, making dens
and playing hide-and-seek.
Yesterday at Beavers Alex got to go weaselling (crawling through narrow spaces in rocks) and had a wonderful time...don't you love the look on his face. He enjoyed himself so much he has asked that we go back at the weekend.  Alex was also awarded the headteachers 'Learning Powers' award today for good and hard work.  This is a major achievement for my little boy who struggles with concentration.
Finally (and without a photo) I am smiling about how well the beginning of my new course has gone.  It has been nearly two years in the making but I am now course lead for a new Masters course and the first cohort of students started this week.  It was somewhat nerve wracking, but all has gone well so far.  That is all from me for now. Have a nice weekend everyone.


Laura said...

Not herd of weaselling but judging by the superb smile it must be fun!

Annie said...

So glad your course has gone well and your photos are fab. Well done Alex for his achievement too.
Annie x

Lesley G said...

Happy smiles all round. Glad you've had such a rewarding week and I hope that the coming week brings you more joy :) x

Carol said...

Hi Caro, love this week's smiles, especially the top one of Alex and Grandpa, the joy just jumps out at you.
Glad your Course is going so well.
Thank you for the smiles and your kind comment.
Carol xx

mamapez5 said...

Lovely photos of your lad having such fun with his cousins. We have just enjoyed a family get together, and though our 'cousins' are now grown up, they are still good friends.
I wish you continued success with your course. It sounds like wqite a challenge. Kate x

Virginia said...

Oh I know that competitive look in the photo with the game! I think it's a boy thing! Loving the weaseling photo (never heard of it but makes sense when you think about it). Glad the course is going well

Hugs and hope you have a great week ahead.