Friday, 25 October 2013

Autumn Smiles!

Well it is Friday and time for Annie's smiles and Rocking your world Friday. My smiles come from the gorgeous weather we had last weekend and the fun Alex and I had enjoying the autumn sun.  We went for a lovely bike ride (well, he rode and I had to run to keep up, puffing and panting like a steam engine - I really must get a bike rack for the car now he can ride well) through the woods
to the café where he ordered a hot chocolate with all the trimmings and sat there happily in the sun saying 'Ah, this is the life!'
The other thing that autumn results in, is me having to check and empty Alex's pockets of conkers most days before I put his trousers in the machine.  That is all from me for now.  Have a nice weekend everyone.


Annie said...

I can just imagine you running through the woods picking up your conkers in the way too :-)
Annie x

Anne said...

Lovely photos Caro. Tales of Alex make me smile. My GS's like ordering hot chocolate with all the trimmings. I am looking forward to some time with all my grandchildren tomorrow. Matthew and Carolynn and boys coming down tomorrow en route to London - a half term treat. Have a great weekend. Anne x

505whimsygirl said...

I'd like to join you two for hot chocolate some time!! If only I were closer.

Those are acorns, right? They look beautiful. I'm thinking of how I could use them in a craft... maybe make a wreath for the front door and glue them on?!?


Debs Willis said...

Made me smile to see that huge mound of marshmallows on that hot choc, and to think of your 'conker-checking' wash days lol!
Debs x

Virginia said...

Oh that hot chocolate looks lovely and I bet it was all the better for being consumed outside, there's something about being out in the cool air and a hot chocolate that make it the ultimate indulgence.

Loving the fact that your son is now a great cyclist, a bike rack sounds like the way to go!

And we too had a crazy 13 year old collecting conkers last time we went to Yorkshire Sculpture Park, unfortunately he left them in a bag whilst we were away and are now in the bin - hey ho there's always next year.

Hope you've had a good week!