Wednesday 23 April 2014

Back again and WOYWW!

Well I have had a series of things get in the way of blogging recently, most annoying of which have been computer and camera issues.  I don't know if they are fully sorted, but I will try and join in with WOYWW today anyway!  This is my desk as it looked last night (it doesn't look much different now), clean and tidy after being away for Easter.  The little yellow duck at the back originally came from church and contained a Cadbury's crème egg (eaten with much mess and relish by Alex) and is sat there waiting for me to find some stuffing and sew it up - Alex just adores any form of cuddly toy!  The rather strange looking red dotted mat partly hiding under my art journal is actually a flat 'coaster' from a cell company that I was given at a conference a few weeks ago.
Although I don't have any crafting to show you I thought I would share these lovely spring flower photos from my time in Somerset over Easter as they always make me feel happy. This one is a double tulip - the rest are self explanatory.

That is all from me for now. Have a wonderful week everyone.

P.S.I will be making some extra ATCs for the WOYWW 5 year anniversary.  If anyone would like to swap them with me then please let me know in your comment...I really enjoy looking at my collection from last year and would love to do the same again this year.  Thank you!


Lunch Lady Jan said...

I'll swap with you Caro! In fact I'm off to Julia's tomorrow to start making some - only the second time in my life that I've stamped something!!
Lovely pics of the flowers btw, the weather was amazing last week, wasn't it?
Hugs, LLJ 14 xx

Annie said...

Hi Caro.
It's good to see you back. I'm hoping you will count me in when it comes to the ATC swap :-) I've made lots.
Annie x # 38

Chrysalis said...

All decks clear for the ATC extravaganza - I'm impressed! The flowery pics are lovely - thanks for sharing. Hugs, Chris # 19

Eliza said...

Such beautiful flowers Caro I just love spring and all of its beauty. Sounds like you had a good Easter. Thanks for visiting already

Hugs Eliza & Yoda 28

Eliza said...

Such beautiful flowers Caro I just love spring and all of its beauty. Sounds like you had a good Easter. Thanks for visiting already

Hugs Eliza & Yoda 28

Mrs.D said...

Caro, welcome back and thanks for your lovely comments on my page,
I would love to swap ATC's with you, your art work is wonderful.
Thanks for showing us the beauties of the Lord's creation, just makes me want to praise him.
Chris #34

Twiglet said...

Hi Caro - stunning flowers -esp the pink tulip. I am happy to swap ATCs if you want to. x Jo #30

Donna Wheat said...

A nice tidy desk - but for how long?? Love the flowers, especially the double tulip, thanks for sharing Donna #26

Anne said...

Hello Caro and lovely to see you back. I wish I could have been in Somerset with my mum at Easter but it was not be this year. Love that Alex loves his cuddly toys still. Happy WOYWW Anne x #37

Anne said...

PS Caro sorry I mean to say beautiful photos and I would like to swap ATC's with you. Anne

Helen said...

Hope that your computer and camera issues have been sorted - the photos are certainly fabulous! The desk looks very tidy - hope you get to mess it up soon! Helen 5

Virginia said...

Lovely flowers hun and a clear desk, hope you've resolved your computer and camera issues

Neet said...

What a riot of beautiful flowers - thanks so much for sharing.
Hugs & Thanks for visiting me earlier - Neet 27 xx

MaggieC (Silvercrafter) said...

I love those flower photos and one is one of my all time favourite - the anemone. I used to buy two bunches of them each week when I came home from work on a Friday night. I could never get over the wonder that you started with what looked like a bundle of rags, which then opened into glorious bright flowers. I am hoping to get a lot more into my new garden. Have a lovely week. xx Maggie #10

Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

wonderful flower Caro thanks for sharing! Shaz in oz.x #40

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Not sure why I didn't stop by when I visited you on Friday.

Saw the "rubber ducky" before I read about it. Had a good laugh. Loved the flowers. They are special.

Are you going to the WOYWW crop? Thanks for stopping by my place on Wednesday. Sorry I'm late and such a duf for not stopping by earlier. Guess I partied too hard this week (grin). Belated WOYWW wishes from # 9.