Friday 30 May 2014

Half-term smiles!

My smiles this week (as my entry to Annie's smiles) come from my little boy going off to stay in Castleton with my parents, all by himself.
He is so grown-up and was extremely happy.  They walked miles every day, exploring the countryside around
including Mam Tor,
Peveril castle,
watching the Garland ceremony and meeting the horses
polishing Blue John stone and exploring various caverns
and generally having a wonderful time.  It was strangely quiet here without him, and I missed saying Good night to him (there was no phone reception in their cottage).   I hope you enjoyed Alex's smiles and have a lovely weekend.


Laura said...

Bless him! That last photo is idyllic! Boy, dog, miles of green.

Annie said...

What a fab time Alex looks to have had :-)
Annie x

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Well, according to you, you may not be a gardener, but you have certainly nurtured that son of yours. Again, he's the most spoiled young man on the planet, and he always has the adventures (and photos) to prove it. Lovely smiles again this week.

Nan G said...

Beautiful countryside pics. He looks so happy and thrilled to be out exploring.

Hettie said...

Look at your little boy turninf into a little man -all grown up!
It looks like he had a great break.

mamapez5 said...

Your little lad always looks as though he is enjoying life. I'm glad he had a special time with his Grandad, but I bet you were smiling when you got him home again. Kate x

Virginia said...

Looks like he had a fabulous time!

Anne said...

How lovely Caro. Made me smile. My grandsons will spend some time with us in Summer hols. Good for all of us. Anne x