Wednesday 10 June 2020


Welcome to my blog and another What's on Your Workdesk Wednesday post - the nicest blog hop in the world hosted by the lovely Julia
Here is my desk in chaos of making index cards.  I am supposed to be joining in with the Index card a day challenge, but have a confession - some days I make loads and  some I don't make any but overall I should make the correct number! This is a day (Tuesday evening) when lots are being made  using finger painting with acrylics and gesso. You can see my trusty mug of tea and yes, I do run on tea!
Here are my index cards for the past week - a fun mixture of different techniques and styles which is the joy of the cards. It doesn't matter how good they are but they are just fun to play on.
I have also been getting my diary up to date

so here are some of the pages from it.
Not much else to report here, Alex and I have been on various walks, in the wind and rain,
enjoying some of our local countryside. 

Work is mad this week so I will keep it short and sweet today.  Please take care of yourselves
With love & God Bless


Helen said...

your diary is looking amazing, a great reminder of the times. Don't those two sky pictures look different - I do love a good sky photo!! Take care and have a good day. Helen #1

Diana Taylor said...

I'm loving the index cards Caro, and I have to admit that's just how I worked when I joined in with them, making lots on some days and none on others. If I can get my desk sorted I might join in and make some. Your photos are lovely - I especially love the dark moody sky and sunny grass - quite spectacular.
Hope you have a good week, stay safe and well,
Diana x #5

sandra de said...

Always lovely to see your creative projects and the absolutely stunning countryside. Your index cards are coming along beautifully but I have to admit I find the journal to be amazing. In years to come that will be the journal to turn to when family conversations need a fact check. Have a wonderful safe and creative week.
Sandra de @7

Mrs.D said...

Morning Caro,
I love your diary, huge amount of work gone into that, will be a very precious family document in years to come, lots of lovely pictures.
Thanks for sharing
Bless you
Chris #6

glitterandglue said...

Morning Caro. Goodness me - what a confession! But I can quite see why you would have sufficient time some days and not others to make these little index card paintings! Well done for even attempting it. Great impending storm photo! Hope you got home before it dumped the rain on you. Your diary is something else. Wow! My diary is purely kept for birthdays and appointments - not that I have even opened it for the past .... oh, about 12 weeks!
Take care. Stay safe. God bless.
Margaret #2

Sarah Brennan said...

Love the look of your diary with the mini photos Caro. The ICADs look good too. Hope work calms down a bit soon. Stay safe and happy WOYWW. Sarah #17

Lunch Lady Jan said...

So do you have a preference for which tea you drink? I definitely prefer the Co-op Red label tea, it was quite hard to find at some point in the lockdown so I was getting worried and having to ration! Love your index cards and who cares how many you make on any one day? As long as you're enjoying the process!
Hugs LLJ 12 xxx

Mariane said...

It is a fantastic sky - wow!!!... I suck doing things regularly, unfortunately. So I can't be in a challenge where you are doing something each day and a certain amount. 😁 I admire those who can. '

I love your artwork, Caro!!!

Thank you so much for sharing!

Mariane #22

Annie said...

I love your daily updates on Facebook. My daily updates would be just masks, masks and yet more masks lol.
Don't work too hard.
Annie x #10

lisa said...

Your index cards are lovely Caro. They are a new one on me but look really colourful. Your journal is fab too. I love to keep track of what's happening but find it a hard thing to keep up with despite good intentions. I think I have a butterfly brain that is always flitting from one thing to another.
Have a good week.
Hugs Lisax #24

shazsilverwolf said...

Hi Caro, great job on the Index cards, and getting the diary up to date.Love the scenic photos too, Alex looks very happy! Have a lovely week,Stay Safe, Hugs, Shaz #13 X

Crafting With Jack said...

Hello Caro, one of your photographs has a very stormy looking sky! 4 think the index cards make you want to experiment a bit more. I am the same as you doing several at a time. I like doing them in batches. Happy WOYWW Angela #28

Felix the Crafty Cat said...

Hi Caro, well done with the diary it brilliant. I'm not surprised you enjoy your walks there is some wonderful countryside where you live. I have to say I have found Lincolnshire very different but love it. Mum's back home so just hoping everything goes well once the care team start. Have a lovely week and a very happy and creative woyww, Angela x19x

Neet said...

I decided to follow your example and do the iCAD challenge so I had to play catch up with a few at once and then one a day. Can see I will fall into the trap of catching up a lot but I a trying not to as it is all about playing for five minutes with me and then doing more on them if I want to.
Love the diary - lots to look back on especially over the pandemic time.
Take care and enjoy your time with Alex
Blessings, Neet 11 xx

Heather M said...

Hi Caro, more index cards ... are they really good old fashioned index cards, or just card cut to that size I wonder? Great patterns and pictures on them either way. I would be exactly the same if I was taking part - a few one day, none the next. Your diary is something to treasure. I bought a journal a few months ago, only a cheap one, but I now wished I had started writing in it, the day our lives changed due to lockdown. My daughters also send me loads of photos on WhatsApp which would be nice to print out and add to a journal - hmm, I feel a new project about to start. Have a lovely week and stay safe and well, Heather xx #3

Kathryn Frantz said...

Hi, Caro!
You won't be seeing anything new from me today. I have been so wrapped up in doing those flowers, I'm sure everyone is tired of them. Just finished some big red peonies!
Love seeing your journal. What a treasure that will be.

Enjoy your beautiful country and sharing it. I love it, too!

Don't overdo, stay well!
Happy Wednesday!

StampinCarol said...

Love how you keep your diary! And so small! But definitely full of memories!
I like your index cards. The blue one makes me think of grass blowing in the wind.
I hope our rainy season starts soon. We've been very hot and dry.
Have a wonderful week!
Carol N #27

Stacy Sheldon said...

Hi Caro, I Love that you have so many photos on the pages (that is so cool and really makes them that much more special) I love the way it looks like the wind is blowing on your beach card and the photos from your walks too. ~Stacy #30

Shoshi said...

Your lovely index cards are fabulous, Caro! So much variety. It seems to be a great size for artwork - much more scope than an ATC but not too large to be overwhelming. It's a great project. Your diary looks amazing too, and I always enjoy your photos of you and Alex out and about. You certainly have some beautiful countryside where you are. My hubby took me along the cliff top the other day (the last sunny day we had) - my favourite walk in Torquay, at Babbacombe. Such stunning views across the sea, and enjoying all the pretty flowers they have planted. There were so many people out and about and hardly anyone wearing masks - it was easy to forget about the pandemic, and everyone seemed so happy and in holiday mood. Only my 2nd outing away from our house and garden, and such a treat!

Thank you for your visit. So glad you like the knitting. I've decided the black one is finished now. The sleeves don't seem to be so long after all, and not worth the hassle of shortening. The bottom ribbing has come out looser than anticipated but it just gives the jumper a different look and I'm happy with it. Once it's washed it will be ready to put away for next winter. One small space freed up in the studio - onwards and upwards to the next UFO on the list!

Yes, it's a great set of knives. I got them last year, and now feel they are complete with the addition of the new one, which has been used in the preparation of every single meal since it arrived last week! I do so much veg prep and having first class tools makes all the difference. As my knife skills improve, I'll get faster and more efficient too. Cuddles for the kitties gratefully received! Wish you could come and give them in person!

Happy WOYWW and God bless,
Shoshi x #14

Lillianb said...

Thank you for your visit to my blog and lovely comment, Love the diary and its such a good idea, I was thinking that every day write down what I am grateful for and then on bad days look back at it,
Love the pictures,

Take care and both stay safe and well,


Lilian B # 8

Julia Dunnit said...

Your work always seems mad to me Caro, as you know, I often wonder how you keep up the juggle! I’m all for doing more than one card at a time - if you’re enjoying it and have time, keep going for sure, never hurts to have a useful stock of anything you make! After all, they don’t all have to be for the challenge, some you could mount as card fronts or use as postcards. Win win! You have walked under some very moody skies this week haven't you! I’m missing the sun, have to force myself out now, could do with a touch of your drive!

Twiglet said...

I'm late visiting desks this week! As usual - a lovely array of artwork Caro - it's so good to have crafty activity to keep us busy isn't it. I am in awe of your efforts with your diary - well done on keeping it going - its really lovely. This week I have been finishing off a seaside twiddler! Take care and stay safe. xx Jo