Friday, 12 December 2008

About time too!

Well I finally earned the title of lecturer (4 years after getting the position!) by giving my first proper lecture to first year undergraduate medical students yesterday – all 270 of them! It was somewhat nerve wracking, but it seemed to go OK. I much prefer giving presentations on my research. Work continues to be insanely busy, although I am making progress on all four major projects – you never know I might actually complete them all before Christmas! Only a week left of work before I finish for the holidays and I can’t wait. Following my printer nightmare earlier this week, Tim went out and bought me a new ‘do everything’ canon printer and very sweetly set it up for me. This means that the Christmas card & letter situation is nearly under control and they should all be posted this weekend. Hurrah! Alex has been hilarious these past few days using his new words ‘off, dark and van’ pretty much constantly. His current obsession (alongside the ever present car one) is hats and he had to have his breakfast this morning in his pyjamas and hat! Needless to say with frantically writing Christmas cards and sorting out the printer for my Christmas letter I have failed to do much in the way of crafting...although I did make another of these candles for a friend I am seeing tomorrow. Have a great weekend everyone.


Momiji said...

love the candle..the design looks really delicate..I'm sure she will love it..

Sally Bentham said...

Congratulations Caro. Well deserved and as you say about time. Alex is looking good. so is your blog.

LazyKay said...

CONGRATULATIONS - well deserved.