Monday, 29 December 2008

Christmas mark 2!

Well Alex was so much better on Christmas Eve that we decided to chance it and he and I headed down the motorway to Somerset leaving Tim, who was coming down with the flue, to veg out on the sofa for a few days. We had a lovely time seeing my family despite me having no voice and the sorest throat I think I have ever had...I had full sympathy with Alex not being able to eat anything that was remotely acidic. It was lovely to see Alex and Daniel playing together or rather beside each other and fortunately over the time we were down there Alex's rash eased off somewhat which was a relief.
Bath time was good fun as the two boys spent much time splashing and interacting.
Christmas day was lovely, starting with opening of the boys stockings in Grandma's bed.
Everyone got in on the action and fun!
Then the boys were supposed to have a nap, which Daniel, like a good little boy did, and Alex decided that he wasn't going to sleep at all despite our best efforts. While they were in bed we took the dog for a walk and then after Daniel woke up we exchanged presents.
Alex opened his presents while sat on my lap. Alex's favourite present was definitely this pushchair and teddy. He kept taking the teddy out of the pushchair then giving it a hug and a love before putting it back in the chair and taking it for a walk. Alex was shattered by the time we got to lunch so he ate and went to bed whilst Daniel sat at the table with us reading stories etc. After lunch we went outside for a game of football and to give Daniel some fresh air (Alex was still asleep!).
Then it was time to exchange more presents (enormous so called stockings!) for each family and to play with the boys before their bed time and an evening of television and card games. Boxing day saw us heading out for the traditional walk up on the Quantocks. However, although it was sunny it was bitterly cold and despite my best efforts at wrapping Alex up warm he got a bit chilled. We had a lovely warming soup for lunch and then Alex went to bed. The main issue was trying to convince him to drink something as he gradually seemed to get more ill the day went on. My mother managed to get some ribena into him in the evening and that made him a bit better thank goodness so he perked up for his bath. I ended up sleeping in his room to make sure he was OK overnight. Saturday saw Alex much brighter and we packed up and came home in the afternoon. All in all it was a lovely time and I am glad that we went, it was just a shame that Alex was ill and so didn't enjoy all of the time we were there. Since coming home we have taken things very easy and gently mooched around the house as none of us are really well yet. It has been nice to come back home and spend some time with Tim, watching silly Christmas movies and eating nice food. Provided Tim is well enough we hope to do another Christmas day with his family tomorrow. I hope everyone has had/is having a nice holiday period.

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Anonymous said...

It looks like you had a great time despite you both being ill ...Caroline73