Wednesday, 3 December 2008


Well what can I say but yuck! Alex decided to share his germs and I came down with a full blown version of D&V on Sunday night and it is the illest I have been since my emergency operation nearly three years ago. Poor Tim followed about 12 hours behind me. Alex on the otherhand has been fine since Sunday living on a restricted diet of toast, wheetabix, cheerios, readybreak and watered down apple juice. The poor little boy didn't understand why Mummy spent most of Monday and Tuesday lying on the bed or sofa, although he did come and have a good cuddle on several occassions. I staggered out to the park briefly with him yesterday afternoon where he absolutely loved the snow. It was only a light covering but he loved the crunchy noise it made under foot on the concrete and spent a happy time stomping on it while I sat on a bench gradually freezing and generally feeling awful. He went to nursery today giving Tim and myself a full day to recover in peace. I think it has helped as I am finally feeling more like myself and so will be going back into work tomorrow.
Over the weekend I had stamped and coloured in some flower images ready to decorate some candles and today I finally had the energy to actually attach the tissue paper images to the candles. This first one is a poppy image from Xela crafts.
The second one is also a Xela craft stamp and is the Althea Rose, also known as the Rose of Sharon. These will be stocking fillers for my Mother and Gran. I would love to know what you think about them.
I have also managed to finish my scrapbook for Gran detailing her grandparents, parents and her childhood up until her marriage in 1947. This was the final page briefly stating what happened after then and including photos of her children, grand children and great grandchildren. The journalling reads 'Following their marriage, Joyce and Roy had two children, four grandchildren and over 50 years of marriage together celebrating their Golden Wedding Anniversary at their home in Somerset surrounded by family and friends. At time of writing Joyce is 84 years old and how has two great-grandchildren. She is the heart of the family and is a wonderful Mother, Gran and Great-Gran, loved by all.' and then has my name and date. As usual I would love to know what you think. More on Friday all being well.


Momiji said...

hope you are feeling better today.that scrapbook is so special and will treasured. I love the candles too..must try that sometime..

Sharon said...

I love the candles Caro and your scrapbook for your nan is so special. Sorry you haven't been well. I've had the same sickness bug for the last few days too and its not nice!

Anonymous said...

you have made to lovely candles and I just love checking out your blog...Caroline73