Sunday 30 November 2008


Firstly, my apologies for not updating on Friday as usual, but things have been a little chaotic around here. I was away at a conference in London on Thursday and didn't get back until after Alex had gone to bed, and then we woke up on Friday morning to discover Alex had been sick in the night. Fortunately it was contained and he was quite happy and not ill at all during the day on Friday. This was just as well because I was organising a conference here in Sheffield on Friday (it was a success!). However, Alex was sick again during the night on Saturday, what a mess...every single cuddly toy ended up in the washing machine along with all the bed clothes. He was then fine until after his lunch time nap when we had projectile vomit all over both of us. He didn't have any tea and slept the night through without incident, but again he was violently sick after his nap this lunch time. Projectile doesn't really cover it! Yuck!...anyone who knows me well knows that I am not great with vomit, but I coped remarkably well with being covered in the stuff, if I say so myself! Needless to say Alex is on a restricted diet for a few days to try and sort him out.
Despite the occasional vomiting bout Alex has been happy and contented most days and we have been out in the freezing cold for a run around, planted the last of the spring bulbs, had numerous baths, been drawing together, playing with cars, turning my half of the study into chaos and generally having fun. You certainly wouldn't know he was ill to look at how he is behaving!
I haven't had much opportunity to do a lot of crafting over the past four days, but I have managed to make these inchie type things as part of Tim's Advent calendar. A number of years ago I made Tim an advent calender of little boxes and each year I struggle to find something new to fill them with other than chocolates. Earlier this year he asked me to make him some inchies and twinchies (2x2inch squares) to go round his computer monitor. He now has a number of these based on some of his Space games, but none based on fantasy which is the other type of game he enjoys. As he is particularly into dragons I made these, some of which are images taken from some of his role playing games. The other days will have other little things in them, including chocolates!
Finally I made this candle for Nel for Christmas. She loves elephants hence the theme of this. It was decorated with gems to add a bit of sparkle to it. I hope she likes it. Have a great week everyone.

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