Friday, 14 November 2008


We have had a hilarious time at work this afternoon. A work colleague, Lance, is leaving after over 10 years in our department so for his leaving do he decided to hold a baking competition. Now it should be explained that these competitions are taken very seriously in our department and Jane always wins (Lance often comes in second!). The competition was to make a Victoria sandwich (Lance’s favourite cake) although the rules were fairly relaxed. There were 9 entries (mine is shown above) and then everyone had to try a bit of all of them and choose the top three and rank them in order with the top one getting three points, the second getting two points and the third one getting one point. I have to say we all felt pretty sick once we had finished doing that. Then the points were added up. The fear is always that no-one likes your cake, but fortunately everyone got at least 7 points. The winner was Jane (again!) with 15 points, but I came in joint second (with Lance!) with 14 points so was really chuffed! It was great fun and there was much argy bargy and arguing after the event in a very good natured way, the perfect send off for Lance!
All the entries!
Having tasted the cakes, everyone waits for the scores to be calculated.
Totting up the scores (a very serious business)!
Apart from making the cake I have managed to do a little crafting in the form of some ATCs for the November techniques swap on the CM&PC forum. The challenge for this month was to make something that was entirely your own artwork, i.e not using any stamps etc. Well I don't draw or paint at all well, but decided that I would give this one a go. This was my first attempt based on a Christmas card painted by my mother over 30 years ago!
As I was quite pleased with how the first one turned out I decided to make all four of the swap ones along a similar theme. I would love to know what you think of them. Have a great weekend.


Momiji said...

the cake making and tasting looks lots of fun..and those atcs are great.

sally bentham said...

Those cakes look very yummy Caro, I'm not surprised you all felt sick afterwards. I like the look of the one with strawberrys on it.

Atc's look great aswell.

Gail said...

Absolutely fantastic ATC's caro, wish they were in my collection

craftymumof3 said...

What great looking cakes. I think I would feel a bit sick after tasting all of them too.

I love the ATCs too. Wish I could paint like that.

LazyKay said...

Oh, missed this post.

Those cakes look YUMMMY!