Sunday, 2 November 2008

Still poorly, but playing!

Well it is fair to say that as a whole family we are still ill. Alex is still inclined to fall asleep on the floor amidst his toys and I think he may have earache as well because when I took him outside without his hat yesterday he turned the pushchair upside down looking for his hat and didn't want to stay in the park without it. We returned home with many tears and played in the sitting room instead where he was much happier. He has been a little brighter today, and we have had a few games of hide and seek, and the cheeky grin was back this morning. However, he has now developed conjunctivitus on top of everything else and he is still rather grumpy and inclined to squeak to try and get what he wants. This afternoon it was too wet to go outside, so we had some fun playing inside and watching a bit of CBeebies! He has now learnt to say 'Bye Bye' in a very cute voice while waving.
My tonsilitis is still very much in evidence, although fortunately I haven't lost my voice, and to top it off I have an ear infection. Tim seems to have managed to escape from the ear infection and tonsilitis, but he is extremely tired and suffering from cold/flue like symptoms, so all in all it is fair to say that we are not on the best of forms as a family. I hope we all get over it soon!!
It will be no surprise to you that I have been playing with my Cuttlebug. The three embossing folders I got with it were the birds, the swirls and a set of four squares. I embossed one of the squares three times onto a piece of pale pink shiney card, then mounted that onto dark pink card and added the ribbon and peel offs before finally colouring them in.
These two cards are very similar in that both of them used the bird embossing for the top part of the card and the swirls for the bottom (i.e. I put the card through the Cuttlebug twice). I then added a small dab of holographic glitter glue to the dots in the bird pattern. At the edge of each piece of embossing I scored a line from the back so it looked like an embossed line. Now this would be nice and simple if I had a scoring board, but I don't, so I had to do it by sticking two rulers to the desk with a small gap between them and the using an embossing tool to make the line. It was an interesting experiment and I think I will invest in a scoring board when I get the chance LOL!
The final card for today again used the swirls embossing folder and one of the little squares with some more lines scored using my make-shift method. The lines aren't fantastic, but I like the look of this card.
Finally Alex has also been crafting in the loosest sense of the word...he stuck the stars and sweet papers to a bit of sticky back plastic which I then used to make his card for Tim's birthday. He also chose and stuck down the monster sticker! Have a great week everyone.


Momiji said...

love the robin resourceful of you to do the ruler thing! theres often another way round..
hope you're all a lot better soon...

Sally Bentham said...

He looks so cute there fast asleep Caro. Sorry to hear that he hasn't been well. Hope he is better soon. ((((hugs))))
Great cards aswell.

Claire said...

Sending you all get well wishes and hoping you're feeling better soon.


Anonymous said...

wow he is very cute!
for the ear infection i recommended you to check out the eardoc.
the eardoc is a non invasive device for opening the Eustachian tube

LazyKay said...

What beautiful cards. You're putting your gift to good sue already - I can see this item will earn it's keep.