Wednesday 19 November 2008


Well, although we are all ill again with stinking colds, which is very frustrating as I am still deaf from the ear infection, we have had a bit of a breakthrough with Alex. Since I stopped breast feeding a couple of months ago he has refused to drink more than a few sips of milk (other than in cereal) but for the last couple of days he has actually drunk over 1/2 pint each evening which is fantastic. Despite his cold he has been on great form and we have had loads of fun playing each evening with cars, bricks, his garage, making silly noises and singing nursery rhymes. His favourite nursery rhyme is Baa Baa Black Sheep as he keeps saying 'Baa baa' and expects you to sing...if you sing the wrong song he gets cross and repeats Baa Baa over and over until you sing it!
I haven't done as much crafting over the last few days as I have been sorting out my scrapbook pages of Alex and putting them all into albums in date order as I want to work out where I have got to with the story of his life and protect the pages. There are three books with extra pages full and I am only up to May this year! The crafting that I have done, however, is another page for Gran's scrapbook which is of the first time she met my Grandad when she was 10! The title is first encounter and the photo has them highlighted with hearts. The journalling reads 'Summer 1934 turned out to be a very important date in Joyce’s life. Her family were on holiday with her Gran, Aunt and family and met up with another family also on holiday, Mr and Mrs Morgan and their two boys Roy and Francis. Les and Roy became great friends and the families often visited. Little did Joyce realise that she had met her future husband. It wasn’t until 1940-41 when Roy was home on leave that he noticed that Les’ kid sister had grown up, and they played tennis and went to the pictures together. Not long before the end of the war they started making plans for their future together and were engaged in 1946 after Roy was demobbed.'
On a different note, I have been tagged twice by Sally and Crafting Diva and have to say 7 random things about myself. I find these sorts of things quite hard to do, but here goes:
1. I like the colours blue and burgandy
2. I am a softy who loves romantic musicals
3. I am a singer who loves Opera, but isn't good enough to sing it properly!
4. I love roast chicken with roast potatoes and bread sauce
5. I love reading fantasy books (favourite is Tolkein)
6. I enjoy curling up on the sofa watching television and eating junk
7. My Gran is the most fascinating person I know.
The 7 people I have tagged are: LazyKay, Julie, Jan, Chloe, Lottie, Anna & Frances. That is all for now, have a great week everyone!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tag!

Love the heritage page - as always.

Glad that milk has proved a bit hit - lots of people give children semi or skimmed milk when they need whole milk while they are developing so it's good that Alex has accepted it (probably not as sweet as his original supply).