Sunday, 5 April 2009

Birthday party!

I can't believe that Alex is 2! Where has the last two years gone? We had a family party today at Tim's parents with Alex's cousins so yesterday we spent the day doing the usual Saturday routine of shopping, cleaning, cooking and going to the park. We had a lovely time in the park even if the wind did make things rather cold.
I also baked and decorated Alex's birthday cake and he helped me make the icing...there was icing sugar all over the kitchen!
Today we were up nice and early and headed down to Kennilworth where Alex was given a Ninky Nonk train by Granny and Grandpa Pete, which he was an instant success.
A little later Alex opened his other presents,
ably assisted by Sam and Tom.
We played inside for a while
then Sam drew a picture while Alex and Tom played the piano
before Tom decided to try the guitar instead.
As all three boys were full of energy we decided a game of football was in order before lunch
Everyone got in on the act...
running, kicking and playing chase!
Lunch was a delicious stew served with Alex's favourite...peas and mashed potatoe, and desert was his birthday cake and yummy warm apple and blueberry cake. Alex was slightly puzzled by the singing and candles, but enjoyed it all the same.
He loved the chocolate cake
but made a complete mess with it
Crumbs everywhere!
After lunch it was out in the garden again where Alex insisted on carrying the most enormous tube
Before being distracted with the little ball.
Granny then decided to set the bubble machine up,
which was popular with all the boys who happily ran through the bubbles.
Sam then wanted to have a go at blowing bubbles
and blew them for Alex
Alex also wanted to try and be like his big cousin, but didn't really get the idea and the solution went everywhere although he was happy enough with the container and wand.
Finally we attempted to get all three boys to sit together for the compulsory cousin photo...
with varying success! All in all it was a wonderful weekend and a great birthday party for Alex. Have a good week everyone.

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LazyKay said...

I just can't believe it's two years since we were all waiting on the CM&P forum for the arrival of our latest baby.

Wow, how time flies and it looks as if you had a great time.