Friday, 3 April 2009

Weekend again!

Poor Alex was up a lot of last night crying and we couldn't work out what was wrong and then this morning he developed diarrhoea, so the poor lad must have had an uncomfy tummy. He has been tired most of the day and hasn't eaten much but despite it all has been playing gently and nicely. We have had some nice gentle games of cars and trains and he watched a couple of episodes of Chuggington this evening which he enjoyed while eating his toast...he has started trying to sing the theme tune which is fun.
I had yesterday off work and caught up with the housework before continuing with the nursery rhyme fatbook page swap. These four all use vintage images taken from the web which are enhanced with stamping (swirls and corners) and relevant embellishments (plums, stars, horse shoes, rings and eggs).
The reverse of them all are simple...the complete rhyme with an appropriate image and the swirl stamps.
I also made three ATCs for the vintage secrets swap. The rules of this swap is that there has to be a secret somewhere on the trading card. In my case you undo the bow and lift the scalloped oval to reveal the secret. The two brads on the left of each card are because the double sided sticky tape wasn't strong enough when you fold open the flap.
The secrets are all different, so I am only showing one here as an example. The idea behind them is that the secret is the secret dream of the lady on the front of the card. In this case she wants to be a blonde model...and the image on the back of the panel is of a blonde model. I hope this is the sort of thing that the swap host wanted. Have a great weekend everyone.

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LazyKay said...

Hope Alex's tummy soon settles, back to the live yoghurt!

Love the rhyme images and the vintage 'secret' ones are lovely - a good idea to have a secret bit to add extra interest.