Friday, 12 April 2013

Spring smiles!

Is Spring finally with us?  Well  we have got rid of the snow and we have even had some sunshine over the past week so I thought I would share some photos of us enjoying the sun last weekend as my entry to Annie's smiles this week.  We went out to the park so that Alex could have a go on his new bike (his birthday present).  He wont be getting rid of those stabilizers anytime soon, but he is definitely doing much better on this bike than the old rusted one that he had before.
As well as cycling he enjoyed a time on the bouncy slide
before cooling off with an ice lolly.
Today he went to an art club which he really enjoyed coming back with this great painting of a panda and its baby. 
The main smile for me this week however, was Alex's fantastic drawing of an angry made me laugh!  Have a great weekend.


Gill Edwards said...

you have a budding artist there Caro, love the photo with the ice lolly

Have a good week

Gill x

Annie said...

Mr Linky is down on my blog at the mo bu I just knew you would have joined in the fun. You never let me down. :-) Tell Alex I love his artwork.....that crocodile sure looks angry :-)
A x

Hettie said...

Aw Bless! Looks like he is having fun on his bike and that is the main thing! Nice to see him wearing a helmet!