Friday 19 April 2013

Tooth Fairy smiles!

Alex will be having his first visit from the tooth fairy tonight having lost one of his bottom teeth so I thought I would share his slightly gappy smile as part of Annie's smiles.  Trying to get a decent photo of the gap was tricky, not least because the new tooth is already growing, and he looked drunk in most of the photos...this one was the best of the bunch!
The other thing that has been making me smile this week are the little signs of spring. Most of the spring bulbs in my garden (apart from 3 daffodils) are nowhere near flowering, but there are a few pretty exceptions with this hellebore
and the primroses which have been protected from the bad weather by a shrub.  I hope you all have a lovely weekend.


Gill Edwards said...

what a great photo, that lovely grin and those flowers certainly made me smile,
have a good week Caro

Gill x

Carol said...

Hi Caro, that is one cheeky young lad! Fabulous photo, hope the tooth fairy is generous.
Beautiful photos, what a gorgeous Hellebore. I'm hoping to go to Farndale to see the daffodils before the end of the month (according to their web site they should be looking good). Have you ever been? Wonderful sight and a lovely, not too strenuous, walk by the weather. Well worth a visit.
Thank you for the smiles, hope you have a lovely weekend.
Carol xx

Annie said...

What a fab toothy grin Alex :-)
Love your spring floral delights too :-)
Annie x

JoZart Designs said...

Lovely photos of the flowers... I hope the Tooth Fairy is generous with Alex's precious first tooth!
Jo x

Alison Scott said...

I hope the tooth fairy is generous to Alex!
Love the flower pictures. So pretty.

Hettie said...

Great photos this week Caro. Love the Hellebores....very pretty colours there!