Wednesday 30 September 2020


 Hello and Welcome to my blog. As usual I am joining in with Julia's wonderful world wide blog hop - What's on Your Workdesk Wednesday (WOYWW). 

This is my desk as it was last night (empty apart from my computer now as I am and will be working from home for the foreseeable future apart from going into Uni for any face-to-face teaching I need to do). On my desk you can see my mug of tea, my little sports camera, some pens, a ruler, some washi tape and my journal. 

This is the page that I had just put together - a little water colour and poem I wrote about swimming at my local swimming spot... the first poem I have written in about 25 years! Not sure if you can read the poem so here it is:

My head is full of the busyness of the day,

So I scramble down to the plunge, to chase my blues away.

The tingle of cold water makes me feel alive;

The thrum of the cascade helps my soul revive.

The waterfall washes all the stress away,

I swim in the current and my heart begins to pray.

Some minutes later, now filled with glee,

Like a butterfly fresh from a cocoon, I fly free.

I have done some other crafting this week - messing with Autumnal colours in my art journal - the first time in months I have done anything in it. 

My local swimming spot is a plunge pool with a waterfall - the temperature at the moment is ~11oC and it is wonderful to swim and stand in the waterfall.

That is all from me for this week - I will leave you with this photo of Alex with a bubble beard... I have no idea why!!

Take care and stay safe everyone,

With love & God Bless,




Mary Anne said...

Oh that pool looks amazing. Your poem hits the mark and your journal looks fab too. All in all a lovely place to pause for a visit :D

Happy WOYWW!
Mary Anne (1, after a sleepless night)

Sarah Brennan said...

So glad that you are still able to enjoy the outdoor swimming Caro. Love the poem and the watercolour. Great journal page too. Fun picture of Alex lol. Stay safe and Happy WOYWW. Sarah #5

Catriona said...

Wow-those photos made me shiver this morning! Must be my age as I would have done the same not so many years ago. What is it about bubbles that all ages love? Keep swimming!

Lunch Lady Jan said...

I was wondering if you had any face ot face teaching when I saw the news about unis yesterday. Hope you're managing the workload and different stresses ok. That's why the swimming is so good, it must revitalise your system.
Hugs LLJ 2 xxx

Neet said...

Oh Caro, surely you should be safe from all ills with all that swimming in that cold cold water. I would think any germs would be afraid to come near you when you are in there. It must do you good, no wonder your skin is so beautiful.
Love the lo ok of your watercolour but it is the journal that steals the show for me. With its rich autumnal colours I was instantly drawn to it. What a beautiful spread you have made - and I adore how the photos fit into it.
Take care, God Bless
Neet 8 xx

shazsilverwolf said...

Hi Caro,love seeing your swimming pics, but Makes me shiver, lol. Gorgeous journal pages, such vibrant colours.Lovely poem. Likig Alex's photo, he always looks so happy! Stay safe, Have a lovely week, Hugs, Shaz X #6.

glitterandglue said...

Hi Caro. So, back working from home. I really feel for those first year students, many of whom are away from home for the first time. Uni/college is such an amazing experience - a real "toe in the water" of adult life, and so many must be struggling with isolation etc. I don't envy you all as staff trying to keep their heads above that water you so love to be in!!! I confess I am sitting here shivering at those photos. That poem wouldn't exactly be the way I would write it - but it's great - I prefer to look at water...
Take care. God bless.
Margaret #4

Helen said...

Well done the poet!! Lovely to see you in the journal again. Helen #3

Zsuzsa Karoly-Smith said...

What an uplifting poem - it makes me want to take the plunge too! But 11 C degrees - my goodness! Awesome journal page - it does remind me of autumn! I'm working from home too - I'd only just got used to going back to the office when they brought out the work-from-home-if-you-can directive - I sure can, they don't need to ask me twice! I much prefer working from home and I have all the infrastructure I need. Fun photo of Alex! Have a lovely week! xx zsuzsa #21

Felix the Crafty Cat said...

You both look as though you've been having fun and the journal page and poem are great. Wishing you a happy week and a very creative woyww, Angela x12x

Kathryn Frantz said...

Hi, Caro!

You poem gives your pictures another dimension! Thank you!

I’m not sure how well I would have managed working from home. I am not organized or disciplined! You are seemingly balancing it all and managing well.

Stay safe and Happy Wednesday!


Felicia said...

Caro, I just love your blog space. Such warmth when I open up and read!! I think I mentioned last week that I needed to get back to journaling, and when I see yours, it makes me want to get back to it even more. It is all pen and ink and some watercolor wash. That is my favorite kind of journaling to do! On the other hand, I love your art journal page spread as well. I also need to get back to doing that as well! But for now, I'm taking it slow so as not to get myself in an overwhelming position!! I love your autumnal colors for sure. They speak to me! LOL And your are a brave soul for taking that amazing dip! It looks gorgeous!!! Little man is the cutest! :) Blessings for the rest of your week! Felicia #26

Ali Wade Designs said...

Happy WOYWW and thank you for your earlier visit. Yes, weather does affect my pain levels - particularly damp, humid and extreme cold. Cold water is a particular no-go, although I can appreciate that wild water swimming must be wonderful if you are ok with cold water. I am not a very strong swimmer and need warm water, warm changing area and preferably noone else there. We used to live near a private pool, which was perfect, but sadly that is too far away to drive to now. Ali x #8

Helen said...

Lately I have been getting my Dina Wakley goodies from That's Crafty - here' s a link just in case you need it right now they're really speedy with their orders but don't blame me for how much you spend! xx

Tracey@Hotchpotchcreations said...

Those swims really do mean so much to you Caro, i'm really glad you are still able to go do what you love, your poem speaks in volumes. Happy to see you had tome to create this week as well, lovely Autumnal colours, always my fav.
Nice bubble beard Alex hee hee.. Happy WoywW Tracey #7 xx

StampinCarol said...

Love your poem! So "refreshing"! And the pool looks like great fun!
Hope all goes well with your work. Sad to see more lock-downs.
Alex is a hoot!
Have a blessed week!
Carol N #24

Karen said...

Good for you! great poem ~ Enjoy the tingling sensation of it all ~ Great journal page too ~ Blessings on your week. Love, Karen#32

Lillianb said...

That waterfall looks inviting, I would love to swim there, great poem, i love to write poems also, nice page, good picture of Alex.

Lilian B#11

Annie said...

Sorry I'm so late with my visits this week. I went with my hubby yesterday doing deliveries for our daughter and her hubby's printing business to London....a long day but always lovely to spend the time together.
Love the poem...I can understand why you swim but it would have to be warmer water for me to be tempted :-)
Annie x #10

Ellie said...

Beautiful poem, matches the pictures perfectly. You're double paged spread is so pretty. Lovely choice of colours too! Have a good week
Ellie #30

Twiglet said...

I can imagine how your swimming puts you back in a good place - we all need something that does that for us now and again. It looks like we have both been working in Autumn colours this week and I also love your little "swimming" sketch in your journal! xx Jo

Lynnecrafts said...

What a great poem, Caro! I love the way it blends your environs with how it makes you feel. Good luck with uni, it seems very challenging at present. Stay safe hugs Lynnecrafts #19

Heather M said...

Hi Caro, lovely poem, and great pics of you swimming. You are lucky to have somewhere so lovely to swim, although I'm not sure on that temperature!! Fun pic of Alex! Have a lovely week, Heather xx #13

Shoshi said...

I love the little drawing of yourself swimming, Caro! That's such a sweet page with the poem and everything. Nice autumn art journal page too. It must be getting a bit too cold to swim now, I'd have thought. Thank you for your visit and for your good wishes for my hospital problems - I am so hacked off with Exeter and wonder if this operation is ever going to happen! So glad you like the latest tiny carpet. I finished it last night and am now working on the black background to the pair. I finally bit the bullet and ordered the tunic top I saw online that looks a bit like the one I was wearing, and have been told it won't arrive till next month. Rather a long time to wait, and one gets spoilt with next day deliveries from Amazon Prime!!

Happy belated WOYWW and God bless,
Shoshi x #20

Kyla said...

ooh the pool looks amazing, I havent been wild swimming this year (my local spots are a bit busy this year), hope the working from home is going ok (I am determined to NOT call my craft room the 'Office' no matter how much I work in there!!)