Wednesday 10 February 2021


Welcome back to my blog for the latest edition of What's on Your Workdesk Wednesday hosted  by the lovely Julia.

My desk is currently all set up for work, with my laptop, iPad and bullet journal on display. Each day I have to pack away and tidy my desk ready to set up for working at it. The confession is that I am writing this at 8am this morning and the mug is an old mug of tea from last night - the kettle is boiling and a new mug of tea is on the way, to help me wake up enough to interview prospective medical students which is my job for the day.

There has been very little crafting this week with sledging, snowball fights, church services and other activities taking up much of my time.  I did however, manage to complete these few pages in my journal. Someone was asking about the stickers I use in my journal. The ones on these pages are actually Transfers from Make Up your Life, that I was sent from Japan, but I use any stickers that I find and suit the pages.

We have had quite a lot of snow up here in Sheffield - we live above the snowline and so have had snow since Sunday so Alex and I have both been out sledging in it every day. Good exercise and good fun, especially bumping into friends on the slopes. 

Yesterday was the first day I managed to get the car out and go swimming since Friday and we actually had some sun while we were in the water, and then it clouded over and was snowing by the time we were changing - such fun!

That is all from me for now except to say that I am holding our dear friends Shaz and Doug in my prayers at the moment, surrounding them in love, as Shaz is seriously ill in hospital. Take care and stay safe everyone,

With love & God Bless,




Sarah Brennan said...

Love the journal pages Caro, those stickers and photos finish them off beautifully. Glad you are enjoying the snow. We haven't had a great deal. Stay safe, Sarah #5

Julia Dunnit said...

I would need to tidy and get the working desk ready each night too, or I would be tempted to ‘just finish this’ while I had breakfast and then I’d be late to change hats! A day full of interviews sounds like hard work, but more positively, people to chat to!! Love seeing your outdoor photos. I did wonder if the snow would really make it too cold to swim, but I see it doesn’t. And I’m glad for you, as you get so much from doing it.

Mary Anne said...

I have no in the water...
Still loving your journal so much, and love you and your son, doing so much together. Clearly he is a cold-lover like you! Enjoy. I cannot WAIT to start seeing you in WARM water. Or will you be seeking out cold spots all year long...? Oh MY!

Happy WOYWW!
Mary Anne (1)

Lunch Lady Jan said...

Hope the interviewing goes ok! Your journals are brilliant and I really take my hat off to you for keeping them going. I loved the snow pics, we haven’t a single flake here but it’s freezing!
Hugs LLJ 9 xxx

Lisa-Jane said...

Your journal pages much be a wonderful thing to look back on. How long have you been doing it? What a great reminder of the craziness of the last year for your boy to look back on in years to come too when hopefully it all feels like a distant memory. I love how your hat matches your swim suit - I thought of you this morning when they were talking about cold water swimming again, and bare skin running! Thank you for your advice on the cold water issues - I'm trying very hard with the cold showers! Definitely hugs all around today, Lisa-Jane #10

Neet said...

Oh Caro, what a sad day this is for woyww and the deskers.
Loved the photos of you out and about sledging and swimming, you look so healthy and your skin has that fabulous glow that lights up your face. You make me feel happy when I see you.
Love all the pictures you have put in your journal. What a joy to be looking back on those times in three or four years.
God Bless
Neet 6 xx

Zsuzsa Karoly-Smith said...

You've had more snow! Now that's just not fair! We keep having these useless flurries - all around us is snowing but here! Love the journal with all your snaps - you've certainly be making the most of your allowed exercise in lockdown. We've hardly been out of the house since Christmas - not much to do around here without getting in the car. I do miss going to the shops on my days off. My husbands been interviewing people online as well - I felt so sorry for them - it must be so stressful! Be easy on them LOL! Have a lovely week! xx zsuzsa #24

Helen said...

Loving your snowy pics even if it makes me shiver. Much prettier than round here!! Helen #2

Annie said...

I think we are all struggling this week with the news about Shaz. Life can be so cruel at times can’t it?
I’m so glad you’re still able to enjoy a swim. I know how much you love it.
Big hugs,
Annie x #14

Diana Taylor said...

Your journal pages are just amazing - there is so much detail and work in them and they will be a great reminder in the future of days gone by. I see you are enjoying snow in your area - I'm feeling very thankful that we don't have any down here in the south as I have great trouble staying upright at the best of times, without the added horror of ice, but I do love the look of it and would love to be able to take some 'arty' shots of the garden!
Have a good week, stay safe and well,
Diana xx #21

Felicia said...

Caro, as always, it's such a pleasure to visit your blog. Love, love your journal pages and especially the wonderful photos of you and that handsome young man of yours! I know you are a proud mama! :) I love all that snow and once again, hats of to you and that swimming! LOL I love your last photo with the gorgeous snow on those trees! Just beautiful! Have a safe and warm rest of your week! Felicia #30

Shoshi said...

You could sing "I'm swiiiiming in the snow, just swimming in the snow" to the tune of "Dancing in the Rain," Caro. Love the beanie. You crazy lady... Very tidy desk indeed, and great journal pages as always.

Thank you for visiting. So glad you liked the synchronised kitties and the cat squares too.

Happy WOYWW and God bless,
Shoshi x #25

Felix the Crafty Cat said...

HiCaro, the vaccination went well and they were very organised and no queues so very relaxed too. Lovely to see you both being able to spend time together too. Have a lovely creative woyww, Angela x18x

Karen said...

Beautiful photos ~ The one of you and your son is precious ~ what a courageous hard working mom you are! Your journal is wonderful ~ Enjoy your week! Love, Karen #28

Spyder said...

Oh my goodness! You know you're mad as a...swimming-in-the-snow-crafter! It was frezing yesterday when I went out for my 'exercise' no way would I go swimming! Its bad enough when the shower gets cold!Love all your photos, and the duck hat in still my favourite! Stay safe, Keep on crafting! Happy WOYWW!? ((Lyn)) #26!

StampinCarol said...

I enjoy your journal pages! So much in a small space!
Hope the interviews go well.
I miss sledding (our term here). Used to downhill ski though I never got very good. I got the shivers looking at your swimming photo.
Have a great week! Thanks for popping by!
Carol N #29

Tracey@Hotchpotchcreations said...

You've had a tremendous amount of snow, nice to see you enjoying it have you been swimming too? I do love your journal, what a smashing document of life that is. Stay safe Hugs Tracey #36

De serendipity said...

The journal pages looks like such a good idea and what fun to look back and discover all those little things we do. Such a fun photo of your swimming with a beanie. Have a lovely week
Sandra de @39

Twiglet said...

Your little journal makes me smile every time you show it so thanks for sharing it. I am glad you are still getting out and about despite the snow. It is such a mood lifter isn't it. Stay safe. xx Jo

glitterandglue said...

Hi Caro. Hope you had a good day yesterday. All those interviews - scary stuff. I'm glad those days are behind me - teehee. I have a friend who has just started a medical degree down in S Wales. Loves the course but finds very little slack time!
Well done on all the time spent in the snow - just has to be done. It doesn't last long these days.
Take care. God bless.
Margaret #4

Lillianb said...

What a lovely lot of smow and you and Alex seem to be having lots of fun, i have to say that Alex really looks a lot like you,

Take care and stay safe ,

Lilian B #12

BJ said...

Oh it must have been your journals which got me itching to do one again. I'm doing a 21 day You Version Bible Plan with a friend called "Grateful Heart". I made the book out of 3 pages of 12x12 and like you am using up stickers I had. Maybe I'll remember to show it next week. Unlike you I've have no inclination to go outside other than to the post box (with the cards) and the compost bin (with old daffs) although I wasn't wearing a great deal for the latter, such is my general warmth at this time of life!!! Wonder if I could hack the cold swimming, although the swimming would be the hard part as I don't really! Thanks for the visit BJ#18

Stacy Sheldon said...

:) I think you should know, that reading your post during the hop tends to leave me smiling from ear to ear. Thanks for that :) ~Stacy #37

Crafting With Jack said...

Great journal,pages, must be great to look back 0n your journals. How many have you got so far? We missed most of the snow, but it sure is getting colder. Happy WOYWW Angela #12

Susan Renshaw said...

Fabulous journal pages!
Amazing that you can still bear to go in the water!
I used to teach at Bradfield which was definitely above teh snowline - we got many more snow days than most!
Happy WOYWW!
Stay safe and keep well!
Update on here in Victoria – we are in a snap lockdown again – hopefully only for a few days – but 5k limit, no visitors or gatherings, only leave the house for the 4 special reasons, only essential shops open…
And the rainbow lorikeets are eating our peaches!
Susan #22
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