Wednesday 5 May 2021

WOYWW 622 (I think!)

 Having been missing in action for a couple of weeks it is time to welcome you back to my blog for another edition of What's on Your Workdesk Wednesday by the lovely Julia. 

Here is my desk as it was last night - in a rare and happy moment of crafting while trying to get my diary up to date.  I am still three weeks behind, but getting there!  You can see my nearly empty mug of tea, the diary, pen, and transfers I am using.

Here are the latest two pages showing Easter, Alex's birthday and our trip to Mum's in Somerset.

The reason I have been missing for the past two weeks is that we have been having a full house re-wire (this picture gives some idea of the destruction) and I have spent every evening after work cleaning and tidying so we can sleep and eat.  The mess has been unbelievable (they finish on Friday hopefully), and next week, to add to it all, we are having a new central heating system put in!

Due to all the cleaning and tidying I haven't managed to swim during the weeks, but I have had some lovely swims at the weekends - this was on Saturday - a beautiful swim with a friend (9 degrees in the water, 8 degrees out!).  That's all from me for now - short and hopefully sweet.  Do take care everyone.

With love & God Bless,




Spyder said...

Brrrr, but not! It does look inviting. But I know I will sink like a, a brick, or a big bolder! Rewiring is a big job and new heating! But it will be worth it! Have a great week! Stay safe. Happy WOYWW!? ((Lyn)) #6

Christine said...

Well, if you're having home improvements have all the mess at one time! That's what I say.
Never think to have photos in my diary, it's just a catalogue of the main points of the day really, just in case I need to check back. Yours looks good, I like it very much.
Have a good week
Christine #18

Twiglet said...

Oh Caro - my heart goes out to you! What a mess you will have had. Let's hope you soon get it all straight soon - though I guess you will now be redecorating to cover the patchworks. xxx Jo

Annie said...

My heart goes out to you with all the mess and will all be worth it in the end I’m sure. I bet your swim felt really warm for you knowing the temperatures you have been swimming in lol.
Annie x #11

Zsuzsa Karoly-Smith said...

Goodness, that looks like a big job! I don't envy you, but I guess it had to be done - hopefully, everything will be back to normal pretty soon. 9 degrees sound positively warm compared to the icy conditions I've seen you in (I still think you're crazy by the way!) Lovely daily chronicles - we're seeing Alex grow up right in front of our eyes! He's quite the teenager now whereas he was just a little boy when we first met you. I know it's a cliché but they grow up so quick! Happy WOYWW! xx zsuzsa #20

Felix the Crafty Cat said...

That's strange I hadn't realise you hadn't been around probably because I'd seen you on Facebook. Hope everything gets sorted and you can get back to normal soon. Happy creative (hopefully) woyww, Angela x19x

Helen said...

I thought I'd not seen many swimming pics lately. The thought of a rewire fills me with dread hope the heating doesn't cause too much more mess ! Thanks for the visit . Helen #4

Diana Taylor said...

Your diary is a work of art, such detail. I don't envy you the chaos all that work on the house is creating, but it will be worth it in the end. I'd love to swap with you Caro, I don't have your details as I'm pretty sure we haven't swapped before but I'll send you mine if you send me yours!!
Hope you have a good week
Diana xx #24

Mary Anne said...

Spaghetti junction! Wiring scares me almost as much as burst pipes. Glad you are still enjoying your swims and you know I adore your journals so carry on! Short and Sweet from me too :)
Late start - best laid plans and all that…
Mary Anne (1)

Stacy Sheldon said...

the joys of buying an old house hmm? ( this is our second "fixer" and the end is nearly in sight so, I am excited for you that you are getting the dirty parts done and out of the way.) it will be so nice when its done. :) ~Stacy #29

Neet said...

I don't envy you the rewire. When we first bought this house (well, bungalow) we had it rewired from a company that the council use - a big company, reputable as well. It wasn't too bad but weeks later the foreman arrived at my door with a long face. turned out the guy who had done the rewire was an agency one as they had so much work on, and he had forged his papers.
So the whole bungalow had to be redone! It's a big bungalow, not a tiny one.
Hope you have better luck - am sure you will be fine - but central heating to follow!!
I take my hat off to you keeping the diary going, hope you catch up soon.
God Bless, Neet 7 xx

glitterandglue said...

Hi Caro. Oh my! I suppose the good thing about it all is that you are getting all the mess out of the way in one fell swoop.... but is that encouraging or not??? Trust everything goes really well and the workmen all finish to schedule. I suppose 9 degrees is considerably warmer than when there was snow on the ground - but still cold, I'm afraid. I don't swim at all, so the idea of plunging myself into a lake is just terrifying!
Take care. God bless.
Margaret #2

StampinCarol said...

Hope all the work on your home gets done swiftly, or should I say, more swiftly. Sadly that kind of work does take time.
Glad you managed to get some crafting done. Love your journal. And great lake and swimming photos!
Have a wonderful week and thanks for popping by!
Carol N #27

Shoshi said...

Oh poor you, putting up with all that mess in the house. These days, wiring is so complicated, with us using so much technology. You never seem to have enough sockets. I hope things will soon be back to normal for you and you will enjoy your new heating system. You certainly look a bit warmer swimming these days, minus the beanie!

Thank you for your visit and your good wishes for my health scare. I've got an appointment tomorrow afternoon with the nurse practitioner at the surgery and she will determine whether or not I need to be referred on. I'm glad you are enjoying the kitty throw progress, and also this week's crop of photos of the real kitties! They are so photogenic and I'm always clicking away.

Happy WOYWW and God bless,
Shoshi x #16

craftyani said...

Good luck with the rewiring and new central heating installation. Here in spain my electricity trips off most days I say it is the way of life but really think I could do with a rewire. Glad you have kept up the swimming 8/9 degress brhh, saw someone swimming here this week and chivered although our tempertures are 25C in the sun. Ani #26

Crafting With Jack said...

Hi Caro, we’re you swimming with the geese? Wonder if they were surprised? I can imagine the mess of rewiring and then central heating, poor you! I guess decorating comes next? I would love to have you as a swap partner. My email address is in the header of my blog. Happy WOYWW Angela #23

My name is Cindy said...

Oh I feel your pain! Changing the boiler was bad enough. When we moved into our first house around 40 years ago we had it re-wired. I will never understand how, but we used the electricity board or whatever it was and they sent sub-contractors. These quite young chaps as I remember managed to do the job with only one cracked tile which they apologised for. With hindsight I'm beginning to wonder if we were really naive and they never did anything at all it was such a clean job. Knowing more about houses these days I cannot fathom how they did it.

Good luck catching up with the diary, the weeks fly by so fast you must always be playing catch up!! Have a great week, stay safe, stay well, love n hugs Cindy #14

pearshapedcrafting said...

Your diary looks amazing! It sounds as though you are going to be cleaning up for a while yet! Your smiling face while in that cold water makes me smile! Hugs, Chrisx #32

Julia Dunnit said...

Gosh Caro, I realised you were busy busy but argh! living through a house rewire is very stressful, I remember the electrician saying to me that it wouldn’t be too bad and they’d use existing channels etc. He was wrong. A massive addition to your workload, no wonder something had to give! Love that you’re doing the diary , or should I really say that I love that you’ve found some rare time to work on it, I hope it was a good escape!

Marit said...

Ohmy, having to deel with the mess of house-improvement and workmen all around... it's tiring! I hope everything will be fixed and finished soon, the heathing too. It's good to have it all done in little time, you can rest afterwards. I love the way you keep your journal, with the text on the left and photos on the right. Looks wonderful! Thanks for stopping by my blog the other day, hug from Holland! Marit #28

Sarah Brennan said...

Wow Caro, that is indeed a mess. At least you are getting two big jobs done at once so it will be out of the way. Hope Alex is enjoying his Star Trek experience. My personal favourite is Voyager. Stay safe and Happy WOYWW. Sarah #3

Sylvia/LittleTreasures said...

I hear you on the re wiring, this bathroom remodel is about to do me in. Nothing local to buy, on order 60 miles away, pick up $$$$ for delivery, and the dust from a torn out wall is still being found. Stacks here and there and no paths wide enough. turning into the 3rd week All I do is look for things. Good luck to you for an easy final done deal >...

Lisa-Jane said...

I love all the blues and greens in your photos in your diary. I don't envy you all the work you're having done - we were in a similar boat a few years ago and while the main renovation stuff is done, we're still a couple of rooms off of finishing. We can look back at the mess and laugh.. slightly demonically, but it's still laughing... Late to the party this week - stay safe and keep smiling, Lisa-Jane #8

Lillianb said...

It is a messy job having re wiring done, had my flat done a couple of years ago, so feel for you, Hope you soon catch up on your dairies, you look do happy to be swimming,

Take care and stay safe,

Lilian B #10

Susan Renshaw said...

Trying to catch up on commenting - it is already Friday! The problem is because we are 9 hours in front I can't manage it on Wednesday and then the time just flies!
I do love your diary pages!
Amazing to swim in that temperature. Mind you my sister says it's very good if you - Right next to a cold shower!
Good luck with the heating and hope the wiring is now finished!

Happy WOYWW!
Susan #25

Kathryn Frantz said...

Hi, Caro!
What a wonderful way to start the spring. The home improvements are a very thorough spring cleaning.

I still haven’t recovered from our leak in the basement. More cleaning and tidying because I thought it was the perfect opportunity to purge items! Have I used it? Will I use it? A very slow process as it is still hard for me to let go of things.

Stay safe and well.

Happy (late) Wednesday

Kathryn #30

roffeycreations said...

Hi Caro, I am back after an 8 year hiatus from WOYWW - not by choice LOL!!!
Lovely to see your work space and the=ose photos - will be in touch again - Cheers Maurs #33 xxx

Kyla said...

wow that is some serious work on the house but glad you have been able to swim, must admit I SO miss wild swimming,this is the longest in my 50 yrs that I haven't swam.