Wednesday 12 May 2021


 Hello and welcome back to my blog on a surprisingly sunny morning after the most incredible Thunderstorm last night. It is time for another edition of What's on Your Workdesk Wednesday, hosted by the lovely Julia.

So here is my desk... I was in the middle of making my Mum's birthday card.  You can see peg stamps, ink pads, my nearly empty mug of tea (it was late last night), pritt stick, and scissors.

This is the resultant card...Can I confess to not feeling at all inspired about this one, but I thought the image looked like her little dog JJ. The reason for my lack of mojo is that the house is in chaos as the electricians still haven't finished and the central heating company have been pulling up carpets and floorboards left, right and centre.  It is a nightmare but we will get there in the end, I just don't know when!

I have escaped the chaos to both go for a run and a swim or two, and even managed to make a start on my ATCs for next week's anniversary so if you would like one please let me know in the comments and send me your address to carostaton (at) gmail (d0t) com. They will go in the post next Wednesday. 

That's all from me for now. I will leave you with this photo of a Tawny Owl who likes to sit in this spot on a tree near a primary school in Sheffield. Do take care everyone and stay safe,

With love & God Bless,



Lunch Lady Jan said...

I think you’re brilliant to even make a card in the midst of all the chaos and your mum will love it. I really hope that the work is finished soon, it’s so disruptive. Great shot of the owl!
Hugs LLJ 7 xxx

Lisa-Jane said...

Goodness I thought it was a ginger cat curled up there! Love the little doggy card. I'm willing to swap with anyone who will have me :-) ATCs that is! Stay safe and keep smiling, Lisa-Jane #4

Twiglet said...

Your Mum will love that little card I am sure. yes Annie and I have our ATCs all ready to post - I love to see what everyone makes but if you are struggling to find time don't worry - I hope the workmen get through your house quickly for you. xx Jo

Lunch Lady Jan said...

Me again! Can you email me please so I can send you my addy, I seem to have lost your email as well. appletonmob at gmail dot com
Thank you!
LLJ xx

Zsuzsa Karoly-Smith said...

That is an adorable card, Caro! I can only imagine the inconvenience of the rewiring - hang in there, it won't last forever! Good that you were still able to get cracking with your ATCs though! I have yet to start on mine. I'd love to swap - I'll ping you an email! I've never seen an owl in the wild, only in the zoo. Fascinating creatures! Take care! xx zsuzsa #22

Felix the Crafty Cat said...

I can relate to that feeling it doesn't take much to lose your Mojo when other stuff is going on especially with what you've having done. Hope it's all sorted soon. Sending lots of woyww hugs, Angela x17x

Neet said...

I just loved that owl photograph when I first saw it. How lucky are you to see one so close. Must have been an exciting moment.
Your card is fine, I love how you used the peg stamps to make the oval around the little dog - hats off to you stamping in chaos.
Blessings, Neet xx

Lynn Holland said...

Your swimming photo made me smile it’s so lovely. I bet you feel great after your dip.
Keep looking forward the workmen will be gone and it will all have been worth it soon.
Take care
Lynn x 13

Annie said...

I’m rather late in the day joining in the fun this week. I’ve been head down all day making two very special little bears full of emotions but am thrilled with the results so it’s been very rewarding ( I may share next week).
Sorry to hear you’re still in you said it will all be worth it in the end. You’re on our list for the ATC swap.
Annie x #8

Helen said...

thanks for your visit - would love to swap with you and am emailing you my address. your atc will also go off next Wednesday. I do hope the work gets finished soon - you must relish the swims more than ever with all the chaos at home! I do like the card, but know what you mean - I never really like the ones I create either! Helen'#5

Diana Taylor said...

I love the little card, what cute dog and hats off to you for making it while all that chaos is going on. I don't blame you getting out and relaxing in the 'great outdoors' - how wonderful to see the owl.
Hope you have a good week and the work is soon over and done with.
Diana xx #16

Heather M said...

Hi Caro, sorry to hear you are having such a chaotic time at home. I'm amazed you managed to make make card at all, the dog looks adorable. My neighbour has said he has seen an owl on some evenings, but we haven't seen it yet. However, we now have hedgehogs in the garden, to add to the squirrels and bats, and the previous fox and deer visitors, so we are not doing too badly. Have a lovely week, Heather xx #23

Catriona said...

Hatr work going on in the house-we had a new alarm fitted and that was enough mess for me. Swim phot is lovely.

Kathryn Frantz said...

Your mum will love her card! Your took your valuable time and love to create it for her!

It is really hard to function and stay upbeat in a construction zone! Cheers to you as you make it through to the other end!

The owl is sure something, isn’t he? Hard to make out at first. Yesterday, on the way to get groceries, I saw a bald eagle at the top of a tree next to the river. Then on the way home, there was a flock of white pelicans on a small fishing pond. (Don’t know if flock is the right word for pelicans). This group of white ones come back or through here every year. And I didn’t get any pictures as I was driving and on the wrong side of the road. Only with my cellphone too.

Stay safe and well
Happy Wednesday!

Kathryn #30

Sarah Brennan said...

Well done on even being able to craft amid the chaos Caro. I do hope it is all finished soon. I love the card! Stay safe and Happy WOYWW. Sarah #1

Mary Anne said...

Oh wow! That card is so cute and the Owl shot is amazing! Love it.

being brief, with still sluggish internet
Mary Anne (2)

Crafting With Jack said...

Wow to the tawny owl! I have not been lucky to see one in the wild. I do love your card, well the dog is the big attraction, who could resist? Well done on being able to escape the chaos at home, just keep thinking “It will all be worth it” x Angela #10

Shoshi said...

That birthday card is adorable, Caro! I am sure your mum will love it. I am struggling to make a card for my hubby's birthday - my paper-based mojo seems to have vanished in favour of yarn-based stuff these days! Sorry to hear you are still in a state of upheaval with the wiring and heating work. Hang in there - it will be done eventually and then you can reap the benefits!

Thank you for your visit and for your continuing prayers. I am not worried - what will be will be, and we will deal with it. They phoned today to postpone my appointment till the 24th because there has been a flood at the breast unit and they've had to cancel today's appointments so that they can clear up the mess.

So glad you like the almost-completed kitty throw. I'm really enjoying working on the border which is looking great the more I do. I've already started on the next throw, which I can work on while my hubby is around. That's a really fun project too.

Happy belated WOYWW and God bless,
Shoshi x #24

My name is Cindy said...

Hi Caro, late getting round as ever. I do feel for you with the workmen - I find I get ridiculously stressed by having things done in the house because of the upheaval - which is a joke really as there is nowhere as messy as my craft room. Perhaps that's why, I can cope with my messy space if everything else is under control. Hope you are all sorted very soon and it is an improvement so was a good thing to get done. See you've used some peg stamps - I have just picked three new sets secondhand on a whim. The doggie is pretty cute, I bet your mum will love it. Have a good week, stay well stay safe, love n hugs Cindy xx

Empire of the Cat said...

Cute doggie on the card, I'm sure she will love it. I don't know where you are swimming but it looks amazing and I am very jealous. Love the owl too Elle #27

Stacy Sheldon said...

I think people are even more tickled with anything you created that has been personalized for them. kwim? so, the fact that your mama's dog looks like this is just so sweet. I am sending sympathy (( hugs )) that your construction zone gets finished soon. :) ~Stacy #28

Lynnecrafts said...

Hi Caro, impressive that you manage to carve out space to make your Mum a birthday card amongst all that chaos. I hope it all gets finished soon! Lovely owl photo
Please include me in the atcs. I’ll email you my address, so you can reply with yours
Lynnecrafts 3

Lindart said...

HI Caro! Nice owl pic! They are so hard to see, they match the trees so well! My ATC and postcard will be virtual, I must be sure I get it made! You look very happy in the water today, probably warmer than you've been used to! Still looks very cold to me! I look forward to seeing your ATCs! Thanks for your visit, have a great week! Lindart #29

Anne said...

I like your card Caro, I'm sure your mum will too. I think I would have bought one if I had been you. Hope the house will soon be straight. Anne x 18

Lillianb said...

Well done on making cards with all that's going on, Thats a lovely card and love that little dog,

Take care and stay safe,

Lilian b #14

Spyder said...

Yes! I'd love to swap an ATC with you. I have still got a book mark of yours on my crafty shelf from ages back, think I mentioned it one week when you were having things done at home. Sorry I'm so late, things keep happening and then the day's over in minutes! Love the pic of the owl, and at least its not snowing, so that water doesn't look too cold. Your cards lovely. I looked after a puppy the other week, who looked just like it! Stay Safe, keep crafting! Happy WOYWW ((Lyn)) #12