Wednesday, 25 May 2022


 Hello and welcome back to my blog.  It is time for another edition of What's on Your Workdesk Wednesday, the friendliest blog hop in the world, hosted by the lovely Julia.

My workdesk has had a new large (enormous!) mouse mat put on it so that playing board & card games is easier and smoother.  The mat hides all the nicks and dings that the desk has had through 20 years hard crafting which is an added bonus.  In this photo you can see me mid game - the game is 'Coffee Roaster' which is a solitaire board game where you roast your coffee beans to try and brew the ideal cup of coffee.  It is a fun premise that works well although I wish they did something similar for tea as I don't drink coffee at all!

These are all the lovely ATCs that I received in our anniversary swap last week.  Top row (left to right): Julia, Mary Anne, Cindy and Lyn. Second row: Angela, Angela, Ali & Helen. Third row: Diana, Jan, Annie and jo, and the bottom row is Catriona.  They are all so beautiful and different from each other.  Each a special treasure that I will enjoy immensely.  Thank you all so much.

I haven't had any time to craft this week as I have been busily sanding and painting the kitchen with a mist coat ready for the final colour selection. My shoulders ache like mad but it is nice to have made some progress. Needless to say I have also managed to swim a little as well so I will leave you with a picture of me playing in my local waterfall - it is one of my favourite places. 

Take care and have a good week everyone,

With love & God Bless,


Wednesday, 18 May 2022

WOYWW676 - 13th Anniversary edition!

 Wowee!  It has been 13 years since the lovely Julia started What's on Your Workdesk Wednesday - the friendliest blog hop in the world.  

Over the years there have been wonderful friendships made simply through the power of the internet with the occasional meet up. I joined just around the 1st year anniversary, and had a four year hiatus somewhere in the middle (because LIFE), but I do love being part of this community.

Anyway - here is my desk!  I have actually been crafting for once, using stickers to make some quick and simple notecards.  You can see the stickers, the cards in process, my metal ruler, craft knife and my nearly empty mug of tea.

That is the only crafting that has happened this week as other than work, I have spent my time prepping walls for painting (sanding and polyfilling), playing games and swimming.

We have a lot of both Canada and Graylag geese that tend to congregate at our local reservoirs and on Monday I was swimming when a whole lot of them flew over - they are a beautiful, if noisy, sight!  That is all from me for now.  I do have a few spare ATCs so if you haven't already agreed to swap with me and would like one, just let me know.

Take care, With love & God Bless,



Wednesday, 11 May 2022

Better late than never... WOYWW 675

 Well, I'm here - just!  Sneaking in before the end of what has been a crazy day involving work, hospital visits (to a good friend) and graduation for some of my students. A large mug of tea and an evening off is in order!

This is my desk as I left it last night.. trying to learn a new game called Eiyo. It is a fun little game, but challenging and I'm not 100% certain I have all the rules right for it yet... still some learning to do!

There has been no crafting again this week, which is something I need to rectify rather rapidly as it is Mum's birthday this weekend. However, last weekend saw me in my glad rags in Doncaster Cathedral being licensed as a worship leader. 

The official photos aren't out yet, but here is a terrible one of me! That's all from me for now.  Don't forget I do have some ATCs ready for swapping so if you want to swap and haven't let me know please do so.  Take care, with Love & God Bless,



Wednesday, 4 May 2022


 Hello and welcome back to my blog.  Sorry that life got in the way last week and I was unable to join in with the wonderful blog hop that is What's on your workdesk Wednesday hosted by the lovely Julia, but I am back today!

Here is my desk as it was yesterday early evening. It is slightly chaotic as I was busy making ATCs for the up coming 13th anniversary of WOYWW.  You can see stamps, ink pads, pens, etc, but I have hidden the actual cards!  If anyone would like to do an additional swap with me please let me know in the comments.

In addition to the ATCs I made a birthday card for my swimming companion appropriately featuring a mermaid. Confession time, I can't remember where the stamp came from.

I have also finally finished my 30 day challenge (about 2 months late) with these collages.

Other than that, life continues much the same as ever with work, preaching in church, swimming, taking Alex and his mates go-karting as his birthday treat, and trying to persuade him to join me in walking through the beautiful countryside we have round here!

I will leave you with this photo of Alex terrorising me in the kitchen - he wore this to walk to a friend's house surprising a lot of people along the way!  Take care and stay safe everyone, don't forget to let me know if you want to swap an ATC with me.
With love & God Bless,

Wednesday, 13 April 2022


 Happy Wednesday everyone, and Happy Easter.  Apologies for missing last week, but I was in the midst of sermon writing for Palm Sunday and simply didn't have time to post. Having completed all my church commitments for the time being I am now able to join in with Julia's What's on Your Workdesk Wednesday, the longest running and friendliest blog hop of them all. 

Here is my desk, and for once there has actually been crafting going on!  As I am on annual leave I have had a chance to try and catch up with my diary (photos will have to come later). As I was nearly three months behind this is taking some time, but it feels so good to start to do it. The words were all there (they get written every night) but the photos needed sorting and printing. You can see my diary, my bullet journal, my mug of tea and various pens and stickers in this photo.

I have also made two cards, one for Alex who turned 15 last week, and one for my mother-in-law who is currently on a knitting frenzy.

Alex had a very quiet and simple birthday this week spending the day mostly mooching on the sofa although he did go go-karting, and see a friend for an hour or so.

I am still swimming and the water is slowly beginning to warm up meaning I can stay in for longer. This photo is of me in our local plunge pool, getting a back massage from the waterfall!  That is all from me for now.  Take care and I hope you all have a very Happy Easter.

With love & God Bless,



Wednesday, 30 March 2022


 How is it Wednesday already?!  Well my calendar tells me it is so it must be time for What's on Your Workdesk Wednesday.  The answer this morning is "not a lot"... I am working from home today so it is just my laptop and a mug of tea (boring!).

However, yesterday evening after work, there was a game in play.  This was my mothers day present - it is a board game called Calico and can be played by up to 4 players, and there is also a solo mode.  It is a gentle puzzly type of game where you draw tiles out of a bag and have to choose which ones you will place on your board to make up your quilt.  If you get a certain number of  particular pattern you will persuade a cat to come and lie on your board, if you get three of a colour close together then you can have a button to add to your quilt. There are also different tile conditions you need to meet to score higher points. I love the artwork and premise and am slowly improving my score!

There has only been a tiny bit of crafting this week making two identical mothers day cards to hastily get in the post.

As I was on duty in church on Sunday morning (I am not a morning person at the best of times and having to be in church by 8.30 when the clocks went forward was tough!) we decided to celebrate Mothering Sunday on a Saturday and went out for a lovely family meal.  

On Sunday, Alex surprised me by deciding he wanted to join me to play in our local plunge pool so we had a laugh messing in cold water - the ice cream head meant he didn't stay in too long but we both enjoyed it.

That's all from me for now... Alex has exams this week so the levels of stress are fairly high here (ADHD means concentration is hard!) and he needs support with revision so I will visit when I can.  Take care, and stay safe everyone,

With love & God Bless,



Wednesday, 23 March 2022


 Hello and Welcome back to my blog. After a hiatus of two weeks it is time to join in again with Julia's wonderful What's on Your Workdesk Wednesday blog hop - the friendliest blog hop in the world. My apologies for missing last week, but I spent the week sanding and painting our study (my craft area is in a corner of this) to get it back to normal following the house renovation.  it is just so nice after nearly a year to have one room completed!

Here is my desk as it was last night - it is back in its proper place and most of its contents are back in place as well.  Visible and in use on my desk are my trusty mug of tea, my ipad and another game.  This one is called Cartographers and essentially you are map makers and cards dictate what you put on the map but it is essentially up to you where you place it, and you are trying to get as high a score as possible with cards telling you how you can score (different cards each time). This is a really gentle stress free game and can be played multiplayer or solo so is perfect for me. I quite like a gentle 15 minute game at the end of the day.

There hasn't been much in the way of crafting (the desk went back in yesterday!) but I have done a couple more pages of collaging - this time in purple!

Yes, I am still swimming and the water is slightly warming - it is now around 7 degrees in most places. I have played under the waterfall and swam in lakes over the past few weeks, which has all been good for the soul. That is all from me for now. Keeping it short and sweet as Julia likes.  Do take care and stay safe. My prayers are with you all,

With love & God Bless,