Monday, 7 January 2008


My son has passed his stinking cold onto the rest of the family and as usual I have it worse than Tim. I am absolutely streaming with it and have a very sore bright red nose. This means that I was ill most of the weekend and was unable to go into work today. Poor Alex still isn't well and his cough seems to be getting worse. He still isn't eating properly which is really hard, but we are managing to get some food and water into him albeit not much. On the whole he has been fairly good tempered with it, but he gets more tired and moody than normal. I guess that is completely understandable. His temperature is up and down and he really isn't very well. However, with me being off work today we have had some nice times with him drawing while sat on my lap.
Alongside the proper crawling Alex has started to pull himself up onto his knees to try and get at the contents of the next set of shelves and the coffee table. I haven't had a camera available to capture this yet but it is very wobbly and cute. Sadly, this has resulted in some falls and bad bumps and therefore screams and yells which quickly calm down with some cuddles.
I haven't had the energy or time for much crafting of my is nearly impossible with a small boy sat on your lap hitting you with plastic stacking rings... but I have managed to use some of the alcohol ink backing papers I made to generate a set of three ATCs. I am quite pleased with these...all the photos were originally taken by my Mother and have come off her website. Anyway, must go and try and persuade Alex to play on the floor with me. More soon


Momiji said...

these are very pretty atcs with the flowers. what a team you and your mum!

LazyKay said...

Lovely Caro - I like the way you've toned the background with the flower colour.