Friday, 11 January 2008

Sloppy kisses!

Alex has learnt to give very wet kisses. He only does it to me so far and only when we are playing a particular game which involves me rolling on the floor next to him, but it is very very cute. Enough to melt any Mother's heart! We have enjoyed our special times in the evening rolling on the floor, bouncing, crawling, bouncing, playing peep-a-boo, bouncing, laughing, bouncing and reading. I just love this photo of me sat on the floor in his play area in our study reading a book to him (my desk is in the background)
I have been back at work for the past two days, but not able to work at full capacity as I have very blocked and uncomfortable sinuses which seem to affect my ability to think! However, despite that I am making progress and the grant is slowly taking shape.
On a much more fun note, I have been doing yet more crafting over the past two days. I was overwhelmed with the response to my last set of ATCs...people on the CM&PC forum really seemed to like them and various people were disappointed that they didn't manage to swap with me. I even had two special requests...this first one is for Doreen (Momiji) who asked me to make one as close as possible to 'Mary' from the previous set.
This second one is for Barbara who wanted one called 'Edith' as one of her favourite elderly relatives was called Edith. As she liked the previous Edith card I made one similar to that but with a different photo and background.
The final four are new designs, still all using images from Crafty Individuals, stamps from Clevercut and Crafty Individuals, and backing paper from K&Co. I think they have turned out well and hope that people like them as much as the first set. Have a nice weekend everyone.


Angelswings_2 said...

Its Grand when you get sloppy Kisses! They melt everyones heart.

Loving your ATC's, the images are wonderful Well done Caro.

Momiji said...

ooooohh! thanks Caro...looks lovely! these will all go very quickly....

LazyKay said...

No wonder you were asked to repeat these designs, they are lovely.