Sunday, 27 January 2008


Alex now waves at us when we say goodbye or night night...not all the time but it is really very cute. He especially waves at Tim whenever I take Alex out of the room to put him to sleep or to change him. It has been lovely to spend time with him this weekend as he is so happy and chatty and smiley. However, he is off his food at the moment, and not sleeping much either...we think that it is probably teething, although it is often hard to tell. I have to say that breast feeding may not last much longer as I was bitten by him for the first time yesterday.
We are really very lucky that Alex is such a sociable little boy, he charms everyone when we go shopping (all the ladies in Boots always come across and say hello to him!), and today he was perfectly happy when he went into the creche at church for the first time. My intention was to keep Alex in the main church service with me, which worked well through the first few hymns. However, when we got to the quiet bit where people were talking (the notices!) he decided to shout so I thought taking him into creche would be a kindness to everyone else. I didn't know how he would take it as he has never been to nursery or creche before, but I left him there and when I came back at the end of the service (75mins later) he was perfectly happily playing, and hadn't been upset at all. I got the biggest grin ever when I went in! This was great news as far as we are concerned as it means that he may well cope quite well with nursery if he needs to go.
Crafting wise this weekend I have been making ATCs...I have made one for a competition on the theme of Love, which I wont show here otherwise the people who are voting will know who they are voting for. I have also been making some ATCs for a 'words of wisdom' swap where you have to make them in twos, one serious and one fun, and the words have to be clear on the trading card. All of these use images from Crafty Individuals with K and Co background papers. The serious one of this pair has words reading 'let us embark on this journey and together we can realise all our wildest dreams'. I felt that as the image was slightly old world I would use a steam train as the form of transport and a map as the background. The fun one reads 'Behind every successful man stands a surprised mother-in-law'. I particularly liked the panel of the rather pompous looking man, and put an image of my great great grandmother looking rather stern behind him.
The serious one in this pair was again about travelling 'Every Journey begins with a single step', hence the map in the background, and the little footprints. I also thought about people on journeys sending letters home, hence the letter and postage mark also in the background. The fun one said ' Committee - a group of men who keep minutes and waste hours', which I felt was a great contrast to the panel of three gentlemen in their hats (saying that they were 3 wise men!). As usual any comments on these are welcome. More soon I hope,


Momiji said...

these are great atcs Caro!...I can never feel inspiration for these kind....will try and guess which is your love theme atc when they are posted! always fun guessing whose who!

LazyKay said...

Lovely Caro - I great to see you're work.