Tuesday, 1 January 2008

Happy New Year

To everyone who reads this! I have had a very gentle day at home with the family today enjoying playing with Alex and with my new crafting goodies (alcohol inks and some stamps). The weather was pretty cold and miserable so despite the good intentions to go out somewhere for a lovely long walk I did a quick dash around the block with Alex and called it quits! Alex has been the greatest of fun today as Tim and I took it in turns to play with him andmake him giggle. He just loves his Christmas presents and was rolling around on the floor grabbing toys and playing with them, then moving onto something else. He has also done some proper forwards crawling today for the first time (a bit tentative) before reverting to his usual commando crawl and roll around.
Alex isn't really very well at the moment and wanted to sit on my lap and cuddle for some of the day so I decided that it would be nice to have a crafting session with him. He didn't always work out which way round the pens should be held and as much ink went onto him and me as the paper but it was great fun, as was the bath to get him clean again! I just love the look of concentration on his face in the first photo, and his creation is just lovely. I can't decide whether to cut it up and turn it into cards for his doting Grandparents or to frame it as it is!
I have also been crafting today...starting the New Year as I hope to go on by tidying up my desk after each session. It is my father-in-laws birthday on Friday so I turned my alcohol ink panel into the card shown above. I am really pleased with the way this turned out as it took me ages to decide how to mount the panel.
This second card is as a surprise for someone so I am not going to mention any names here in case she sees it. I have used the Oriental background stamp on brown corrigated card and then stamped a Chinese Dragon onto my alcohol ink background (butterscotch, plum, terracotta and gold) and mounted it on gold to place in the centre of the card. I am pleased with the way this has turned out.
The final card used a similar alcohol ink background (just butterscotch and plum this time) and the I stamped the Geisha girls onto gold paper and mounted it onto the alcohol ink background before mounting that onto the card with the Oriental background stamp. I then added the gold coloured ribbon and when I decide who this card is for a sentiment will be added below the image. I am really pleased with the way all these cards have turned out and I am really excited about all the possibilities that are now available with these inks. Let me know what you think about them. More soon,

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