Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Good News!

Well this week got off to a flying start with some great news, both at work and at home. Workwise my 13,000 word review has been accepted for publication and at home we have had the end to 4 months stress and worry. Work is crazy busy with all sorts going on at the moment, I have three theses to read and edit (one transfer thesis, one BMedSci and one PhD), numerous people to supervise, experiments to do, eleven medical students to mentor and today I had a committee meeting that lasted the whole afternoon! I keep thinking that 'next week things will calm down', but they never do! Alex has been on great form this week, entertaining me no end with all the funny things he is saying and doing. We had a hillarious game of hide and seek on Monday evening which made him giggle like mad, and he has discovered the smaller brick set which he loves. He posts them into a shape sorter, builds towers (and knocks them down), and generally makes a loud noise with them. He is also developing in terms of speech now, with car, up, down and cup added to his repertoire now.
I haven't forgotten Gran's family tree scrapbook despite all the Christmas cards I have been making and so this week I did the front page of the book which includes photos of all the people featured in the book with their dates. The page does contain some stamping as well as elements from K&Co papers and the Hot off the Press vintage set.
The theme for this months ATC swap for Time for Crafting is blue and gold, not a theme I found very easy. However, I eventually came up with something, although all three ATCs are the same. We were not allowed to use any other colour appart from blue or gold which I found hard...I would love to know what you think.
Finally I have made two birthday cards. This first one is for a work colleague who turns 40 next week using cuttlebug embossed background stippled with greens and blues, with a Jolly (Paper) Nation image.
This second one is for my brother in law who works with computers. Tim really liked this image and thought it would be perfect for a card for his brother so I mounted it on silver and then again used a cuttlebug image this time brayered with blue...the brayering didn't work as well as I would have liked, but Tim likes the card so I hope that Ben will. That is all for now, I hope your week is going well.


Claire said...

Glad you've had good news both at work and home. I love all the cards and the gold and blue atcs are great.


Momiji said...

Lovely happy photo of Alex...and I love your heritage page and the shapes of the photos..

lottie said...

Glad you had lots of good news and time to spend crafting - and quality time with your family - hard to juggle everything I expect.

Lovely reading your blog

LazyKay said...

Caro, I've been MIA as you know, hence the lack of comments on your blog but SO pleased you've had good news regarding various issues both work and personal - great work you're doing here and I'm enjoying seeing it and being inspired.

Sorry I haven't time to backtrack and comment on each entry but you know I do look carefully and enjoy it all.