Friday, 3 October 2008

A hit!

Well, it is fair to say that the garden is a huge hit as far as Alex is concerned. He absolutely loves the new patch of grass and the fact that he can run up and down it without worrying about falling over steps. The first time he went out in the garden since we had it done he just ran up and down it constantly, so our only problem is keeping him off it for the next few weeks in order to let it bed in a bit and settle. Alex hasn’t been one hundred percent again however, recently with a slightly dodgy tummy and rather unpleasant nappies resulting in a very pink and sore bottom. We very much hope that he will get over it soon as it doesn’t appear to be due to anything in his diet that we can tell. Fortunately it hasn’t affected his mood and he is still as chirpy and fun as ever. Alex came back from nursery this week with a wonderful collage that he had has encouraged me to try doing some collage with him, but I will definitely need to clear my desk before we start! Work has been busy, but good and I have completed writing the studentship application and am over halfway through formatting the reference list for the massive review article which is a relief. I now have a few days off work in order to relax and to celebrate my birthday which I am very much looking forward to. I have continued to work on my Family tree scrapbook with another page of Great Grandad (Alec). Again, the papers and images are mainly from Hot Off the Press Vintage or Heritage pads. The journaling reads ‘Alexander Holes (1896-1980) left ships in 1925 and worked as engineer in the Poor Law Institution at St Mary’s until he was transferred to Moorgreen Poor law Institution in 1926. Once a week he showed the patients a film, and he played the piano for the Christmas concerts. In 1941 he transferred to the Totton Chest Hospital until his retirement in 1960. While he was there he had the care and maintenance of the ‘iron lungs’ during the polio epidemic of 1947/48. During the frequent power cuts he would run to the iron lung ward to pump the bellows by hand to keep the patients alive. He also had responsibility for refrigerated equipment that Mr Chin used in his pioneering open heart surgery, mending holes in the hearts of children. He was very musical, a staunch Methodist and a great handyman, fixing anything about the house; repairing shoes, a vacuum cleaner and a clock with wooden bearings.’ This second page is of Nana, my great-grandmother, using the same papers. The journaling for this one reads ‘Annie Holes (nee Merritt) (1894-1978) was born in Great Crosby and moved to Bitterne in 1901 following her father’s accident. She attended the Church of England school in Bitterne and upon leaving she worked in the Post Office in Shirley with Miss Blow, in Camford Cliffs and in Bitterne with Miss Goffe, sending telegrams using a Morse key. During the first world war when things were quiet she would sit and crochet. She was a member of the Methodist Church choir in Bitterne where she met her future husband Alexander. This photo was taken in 1920 prior to her marriage in 1921’. I will be doing another page to detail some of Nana’s life after she got married. As usual I would love to know what you think about these two pages.
Have a good weekend everyone and I will update again soon.


Momiji said...

love the Annie page! my grandma was Annie 'Cushing' and seeing these pages makes me think it would be nice to make some heritage pages too.
nice to see Alex enjoying himself...

LazyKay said...

Great pages again, I LOVE that second picture with the bike - such a classic.


LazyKay said...

Oops, forgot - Alex's collage will make a good page for your own family scrapbook too!