Thursday, 19 March 2009

So busy!

Firstly an apology for not updating yesterday, I have been just too frantic this week to manage it. Work is completely insane what with reviewing articles, writing papers, supervising students, teaching, editing papers, making posters of my data and writing a talk for a conference in a couple of weeks time. When at home in the evenings I have been playing with Alex (including more stickers and drawing as shown above!), feeding him, bathing him, reading to him, putting him to bed and then doing a grand tidy up of our house. I decided I could no longer stand the state of our study so removed a massive travel cot filled with toys and put things on the shelves, removed piles of boxes that kept falling over near the door and am finally able to get to my desk without falling over things which is a huge improvement. We simply have too much stuff for the study to ever be neat or particularly organised but things are definitely better than they were!
As a result there has been very little crafting this week. I have only made one fatbook page for the oriental swap on which I stamped various calligraphy images in pale pink (background), dark blue and copper, layered the main image and added the gold thread, eyelets and charm.
The back of the page is simply stamped with blue calligraphy and then a painting of Mount Fuji placed in the middle. My parents and Gran are here for this weekend so there wont be any crafting then either, but I can't wait to see them all. Have a great weekend everyone.


Momiji said...

love your fat book pages and these images etc would make nice atcs too.
have a lovely weekend...

LazyKay said...

Beautiful FB page.