Sunday, 8 March 2009

Still not 100 percent

Poor Alex is still struggling as he is still completely exhausted from his stay in hospital and he has been vomiting and having diarhoea. We thought initially it might be a bug, but it looks like it may be a reaction to the oral antibiotics he is on. He has been most unlike himself, barely eating, drinking OK, but generally tired and floppy - playing for short periods of time then lying down on the floor cuddling his teddy. Most unusual for my very active little boy. As a result we have watched a lot of television, done some drawing while sat on my lap, played on my keyboard and played some very gentle games. I can't believe how quiet he is compared to normal and hope he recovers soon.
We did go out today for a pancake party at Claire's which was the greatest of fun. Alex enjoyed watching the older kids playing on the Wii and then lay in a heap on the floor watching everyone walk by and interjecting the occasional comment. Claire had made most of the pancakes, but then challenged the men of the group to have a go at pancake tossing, which was entertaining until Simon burnt one on the pan, after which they all stuck and couldn't be flipped. Pancake cooking turned out to be a great spectator sport! My nature image this weekend was actually a photo taken last weekend of a fircone still attached to the branch. The weather has been very wierd today especially...we started with sun, then had snow, then drizzle, then sun, then hail, then drizzle and now we have a peculiar! It also meant that I didn't manage to take any outdoor photos, especially with Alex being ill.
Crafting wise I have had some good news this weekend, I have had a letter and a short article published in two different magazines, Scrapbook Inspirations and Quick Cards made easy. Not only that but I am going to be featured in the May edition of Cardmaking and Papercraft and have the page proofs to check! I also came joint second in the CM&PC ATC competition with this ATC on the theme of birds. It was made using a cuttlebug background and a bird picture taken out of an old nature book.
I have continued to make the ATCs needed for the children's TV swap on the CM&PC forum. This one is of Ivor the Engine, a program I remember watching with my Grandad. I printed out the images of Ivor, Jones the Steam and Dai Station and then drew a little scene to put them in.
I made a very similar ATC of Noggin the Nog, which has the mountains in the background all drawn by hand.
Finally I made a scrapbook page of our trip to visit HMS Victory last May. The theme of the layout is yellow and black to match the colours of the ship. I had so many photos that I wanted to use so I kept the layout simple with very little embellishment. The journalling reads ' HMS Victory was Admiral Nelson's flagship at the Battle of Trafalger, and was the ship on which he died. It was amazing to see the state rooms and the comparative luxury in which he lived on board, as well as to see the huge number of cannons, massive anchors, beautiful figure head, tiny low doorways, steep ladders, galley, sick bay, carpenters shop and other on-board essentials. We really loved exploring this ship. May 2008'. That's all for now so have a good week everyone.

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LazyKay said...

Blimey, in spite of all you've had to cope with, you've managed to produce quite a lot of art and craft work, all of it lovely.

Have you tried Alex with LIVE yoghurt? It helps the good bugs grow when they've been knocked out by the antibiotics.

Well done on getting published - you're doing really well and it's well deserved.