Sunday, 22 March 2009

Wonderful but exhausting weekend

I am sat all in a heap as I type this as I am totally exhausted! My weekend started on Friday with a house clean from top to bottom and cooking before my parents and Gran arrived at 4pm and the fun started. Alex thinks that his Grandma is wonderful and there were shrieks and giggles of laughter all round as the two of them played together and Alex was given an early birthday present of a sit-on-car which he loved, riding it all round the house (too fast moving to photograph!). Saturday morning saw us all working hard in the garden to lower the level of a wall by one brick, dig out the flower bed and clear it of couch grass, wash down the patio furniture,mow the lawn and generally tidy things up. Even Tim felt well enough to help for a little while, which was really nice as it felt like a complete family affair, as Alex was in the garden too wielding his little fork and digging in the soil or running round with a brush. In the afternoon, while Alex had his nap, we went to the garden centre and bought some new plants to put in the flowerbed and then went out for a walk to the park so Alex could have a play. It made a huge difference to the way the garden looks, especially from the dining room window which is below the level of the flowerbed. The evening was great fun as Grandma joined in with bathtime and then read Alex his evening stories before we put him to bed. We then all had a glass of champagne before the evening meal and a lovely chat. It was so nice to have the chance to catch up as I don't get to see my parents or Gran very often as they live so far away. Today we took the rubbish to the skip, and then went out for a lovely walk through the woods to Redmires Reservoire. It was hard work pushing the pushchair back up the hill, but it was great to get a bit of proper exercise. As it was Mother's Day, I gave Mother her card, which she liked, and gave both her and Gran a 'brag book' full of photos of Alex and them, which they loved. Alex had a good romp round with Grandma and everyone left after Sunday lunch. It really was a wonderful weekend. At the end of the weekend I can proudly say that I have some more flowers in my garden - narcissi, helibores... and primroses that are actually in flower. Needless to say I have not done any crafting this weekend, but did want to show you my two Mother's Day cards. The first one is the one Alex made in nursery using his hand print as a flower head with glitter and a star and then a green line for the stem. The second one is the one he made with Tim, although he didn't get on very well with the stamping apparently so Tim had to help with that bit. I love the sticker chaos on this card. I am now off to relax and grab some 'me time' while everyone else is asleep. Have a great week everyone.

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LazyKay said...

Sounds like a lovely productive family week-end. Beautiful flowers.