Sunday, 2 August 2009

All fall down!

We have had a lovely weekend despite the very mixed weather. Yesterday it was chucking it down and we went to Tim’s parents for the day. It is a 2 hour drive from us, and as normal Alex fell asleep in the car in the last 15 minutes of the journey! Despite that he woke up in a really good mood and was happy to go straight into cuddles with Grandpa Pete (who he calls Ganpa Feet) and then Granny, and then charge off to explore, discovering the battery operated quad bike that he called a motorbike. He spent hours on this while his cousins bounced around on cushions spread on the floor.
After lunch, while the adults played on the Wii, the boys developed a game of their own, instigated by Alex, aided and abetted by Tom. This game was called ‘All fall down’ and consisted of the boys sitting on this sausage shaped cushion, bouncing up and down on it and then throwing themselves off onto the floor with yells of ‘All fall down’. Tom liked the idea of squashing Alex in the process which Alex found hilarious and improved the game as far as he was concerned, right up until the moment he landed on top of a walking stick which bruised his cheek although not as badly as I feared. It didn’t stop him from wanting to play however, a cuddle and kiss and he was straight back into playing the game. Today the weather has been much nicer and Alex and Tim went out into the garden to play leaving me to craft inside in peace and quiet which was lovely. Alex and I then made white chocolate chip cookies (when I could persuade him to stop eating all the white chocolate!). This afternoon we went back to Endcliffe park so Alex could watch the waterfalls, feed the ducks, bounce on the castle, ride on the fairground ride and, for the first time ever, climb to the top of the bouncy slide and go down it. I think he found it a bit big and scary so was a bit upset at the bottom, but other than that we had a great time. My crafting for the weekend was this double page layout of Alex’s first trip to a Whacky Warehouse with a ball pit back in May. I used a mixture of K&Co, Basic Gray, Sadylion and Hot off the press papers, Making memories brads, K&Co stickers, Purple Onion stamps and I used circles cut out of spare bits of my photos for added embellishments. This double page spread very loosely follows a sketch from Becky Fleck (Page Maps) and is entitled ‘Ball pit fun!’. The journaling reads ‘Alex and Daniel had a fantastic time at the Whacky Warehouse at Evesham. The ball pit was a firm favourite with both boys climbing out and diving in with great enthusiasm. They were moving so fast that we couldn’t get a decent photo of them together. 9th May 2009’. Sadly this photo doesn't do the brightness of the original colours justice. Have a great week everyone.

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Momiji said...

great action pages of Alex in the ball pool..he will love these in years to come