Sunday, 9 August 2009

Summer Sun

We have had a lovely summery weekend which makes a real change. We spent yesterday morning in the garden and then cut Alex's hair which was rather traumatic all round. He needed it, but I hate it when it is this short. In the afternoon Alex and I went back to our local park where he had fun on the seesaw singing 'Seesaw majorie Daw' at the top of his voice, then going on the roundabout and going into the tunnel and kicking to make lots of noise.
Today we had a lovely day with the morning spent at the Buttefly house at North Anston. Alex loved the 'cockrel birds' and splashing in the hand washing sink (for ages).
He was also very fond of the Meer cats and the ducks in the pond, the big iguana (gunna) and being allowed to run around to his hearts content.
the butterflies were a big hit as were the terrapins, camen crocodile, and the snakes.
We also got to see the bird of prey display which was great as I got to have a go with the Harrier Hawk called Red. I have always wanted to do that, so it was great to be allowed to have a go. This afternoon Alex and I went to a local stream where he had a paddle before exploring a new playground. Crafting wise I have had a break from both scrapbooking and cardmaking this weekend and have decorated two more pages in my Altered Book. This book was started last year and I have not done anything on it since! The theme of the book is nature and it is being done in a vintage style. This first page is of deer and uses a K&Co paper in the background with stippling in different greens, acrylic paint done through a bit of sequin waste. I used all the leaf tapestry stamps tat I had for the edges and to add some texture round the images of the deer. The quote is part of a poem I found on the internet. The second page is of wild flowers and uses K&Co papers, acrylic paint, Purple Onion and tapestry stamps and a quote from a William Blake song. The flower images are cut from the same book as the deer. It was fun to do something completely different for a change and I will keep adding to this book as I get inspired. Have a good week everyone.

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