Friday, 14 August 2009

Time for the weekend.

Work continues to be as mad as ever so I am so pleased that it is the weekend and I can have some down time to play with Alex and do some things for me. Poor Alex is exhausted as he hasn’t been sleeping well, probably as a result of his nasty cough which keeps waking him, although maybe due to teething as well. This has meant that he is inclined to be a little more grumpy than normal although we have had fun in the garden playing ‘going shopping’ where he gets into his car and tells me he is going to the shops, then he drives it across the patio, climbs out and says that he is pushing the trolley and buying ‘sausages’ then gets back in the car and comes back to me before getting out and giving me the pretend sausages. I then ask him to go and buy me some bananas and we go through the process again. Crafting wise I have done some more to my altered book with a double page featuring swifts, swallows and house martins flying through the sky. The page was made by using acrylic paint and painting through some sequin waste and finishing off with stamping using Purple Onion and Hero Arts stamps. The quote is from a Wordsworth poem and reads ‘The swallow is come! The swallow is come! O, fair are the seasons, and light are the days that she brings, with her dusky wings and her bosom snowy white!' The second double page spread is of beetles and was a challenge to do, not least because the beetles were really fiddly to cut out! The background uses K&CO papers for the edges and Basic Gray for the centre and has been covered with stamps of leaves (Stamps Away and Tanda stamps) and areas where ink daubers were used through sequin waste. The quote is an old Indian proverb stating that ‘A beetle is a beauty in the eyes of its mother'. This double page spread actually fits with the secret crafter Saturday challenge for this week which is cute bugs…I am not sure how cute these beetles are but they definitely count as bugs! As the altered art book is a new venture for me I would love to know what you think. Have a great weekend.


LazyKay said...

Excellent pages in your book - it will be a treasure when you've finished it. Isn't it nice doing the pages and the different backgrounds?

Hope Alex's cough/cold soon goes away. Tell him not to park on any double yellow lines when he's shopping.


Dark Fairy said...

Love those books pages, the swallows are my favoritex