Monday, 31 August 2009

Wonderful weekend!

Well I can safely say that Alex and I have had a wonderful bank holiday weekend and it was so special to see my Gran looking so much better following her ordeal. We left early on Friday to beat the traffic and I am so glad we did as it only took us just over 4 hours to get to my parents house (we didn't stop once and I gave Alex a steady supply of food on the way). This meant that we had all afternoon to play with Grandma, Grandad, Juno (the dog), Luke (my cousin) and Great-Gran. To give Alex some much needed exercise we all walked down the lane to the local small holding where he was able to stroke the pigs, play pooh sticks in the mill stream and then across the fields to the railway line and watch the trains go by. It happened to be the first time Gran had walked that far since her accident so that was also a major breakthrough. She really is improving steadily although she still has a long way to go.
Alex slept really well while we were in Somerset, much deeper than normal, but for a shorter period of time so he woke at 5.30am every morning! Not what I wanted as I then had to keep him quiet until 7.30 when I could take everyone cups of tea and wake them up. On Saturday morning Grandma then read to Alex while I had a shower and got dressed, whereas on Sunday she gave him breakfast while I went back to bed for an hour!
On Saturday morning we went to Blue Anchor beach where we could see the steam trains going by and let Alex play on the beach. Although he wasn't very sure at first he quickly adapted to the sand and stones and was having a great time pushing his digger round, digging in the sand and making sandcastles, watching Mummy and Grandma building towers of stones and knocking them down and generally having a great time. He also loved the steam trains which went by at the top of the beach at fairly regular intervals. Watching the steam trains from Grandma's arms.Alex enjoying watching the sea while having a cuddle with Grandma.Playing on the sand while the trains went by at the top of the beach.He had so much fun on the beach that the only way to get him home was to carry him! Juno also had a wonderful time playing in the waves...the idea was that we throw a ring for her into the sea and she fetched it. All good fun. In the afternoon while Alex had his nap we then did some jobs around the house...removing ferns, ivy and saplings which were damaging a wall. Then we went down to the small holding again to say hello to the pigs before supper.
On Sunday my Aunt Daphne came to see us for coffee and while we chatted Alex and Luke had great games of rough and tumble with great squeals of laughter. Dad also joined in on the action, tickling Alex with his foot...something Alex loves! It was lovely to see Daph as it has been about 18 months since the last time. In the afternoon Mother and Gran looked after Alex while the rest of us took Juno for a long walk (about 6 miles) up on the Quantock hills. Juno had a great time, especially jumping into the pond to fetch sticks...that dog definitely loves water! Despite the weather not being great we did have some lovely views of the estuary and across to Wales with the odd patches of sun breaking through. I wasn't sure how well the camera would cope with the light conditions, but was quite pleased with some of the shots, especially this one which included one of the wild ponies. The gorse and heather were also out and looking beautiful so although it was quite a tough walk in places it was well worth it for the spectacular beauty. When we got back Alex discovered Grandma's reading glasses and decided he wanted to wear them which made me giggle! As he had been trying to ride Great-Gran's walking stick Mother made him a hobby horse out of an old sock and a towel...Alex wasn't too sure about it, but gradually took to it. This morning we decided to head back shortly after breakfast to beat the traffic so instead of going to the small holding to see the pigs Grandma pushed Alex round the garden on a trolley which he loved! The trip back was surprisingly hassle free and we arrived home in time for lunch and as I type this Alex and Tim are playing downstairs enjoying having some time together. All in all it has been a wonderful weekend. Have a great week everyone.


LazyKay said...

So pleased you had a good week-end and wow how well your Gran looks (despite the 'bullying'). I know what you mean about her wanting to sit about, my Mum's the same and I keep trying to encourage her to move around, without much succes on my part I have to say.

Great photos.


Momiji said...

wonderful photos of a very action packed weekend. great layouts there I think!