Friday, 20 June 2014

creative and carnival smiles!

Well we have had a busy week this week with lots to smile about so here is my entry to Annie's smiles. Firstly, last weekend I finally managed to get Alex's cabin bed assembled, and boy was it a challenge doing it in his tiny little box room of a bedroom.  I was stiff and aching for days afterwards, but it was worth it as he is so happy with it and he has plans to turn the space under the bed into a 'spy den'.  Curtains have been commissioned (thanks Jo!), some furniture chosen, and his Grandpa is lined up to make a desk.  It may be a month or more before it is completed, but he is simply happy that the process has started (we promised him this about a year or more ago).
Have you heard of loom bands?  It is a craze that seems to be going around school age children at the moment in the UK. You use little coloured rubber bands and weave them together to make a bracelet.  With Alex's hypermobile fingers and wrists I thought he might struggle with it, but he has taken to it really well and made three different style bands for the school world cup carnival - this was his first one.
Today was the school world cup carnival, where the children dressed up in the colours of their country and then paraded round the streets near school playing instruments and shouting very loudly. Alex's class were representing Australia so he proudly went to school in his bright yellow shirt, armed with three different loom band bracelets of yellow and green.  The carnival was VERY loud and lots of fun as you can tell.  That is all from me for now...lots to smile about as you can tell.  Have a great weekend.


Nan G said...

Cool bed! So good to hear Alex can make those rubber band bracelets. What fun you've had this week, Caro. Hugs

Laura said...

Three different designs? He's doing better than me!! I'm still on one design my cousins taught me and it doesn't half make my fingers ache! My cousins keep showing me designs online... they want a snoopy made from bands. It'll take me a while but I'm determined!

Hettie said...

It is always nice to have a new bedroom, no matter what age you are!
Those bracelets look great. I have seen the bands and wondered what they were I know.

Annie said...

What a great idea to have a world cup there wont be so many wanting to wear the England shirt now :-)
Annie x

Twiglet said...

Bed looking good! Fabric has arrived so I will try and do it tomorrow. Might email you with a suggestion or two.x Jo

505whimsygirl said...

Hi Caro,

No sorting for me over the weekend. It rained most of Saturday so outdoor projects took a backseat.

The bunk beds look fun! I've seen those bracelets here and they look great. Your son did a wonderful job on his first one -- love the color choices!

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