Friday 13 June 2014

Mixed weather smiles!

The weather last weekend was so topsy turvy that my smiles for this week (for Annie's smiles) come from our wet weather activity: Alex's first attempt at roller skating - very wobbly and unsure - my shoulders still hurt from holding him up!
and our sunny weather activity: Playing in the paddling pool
and the fountains at our local water park (only 5 minutes drive away and completely free!).
I will leave you with this photo of Alex receiving a shopping voucher as a result of winning the draw at the science fair... he hasn't decided what to spend it on yet, but he is planning! I hope that you all have a lovely weekend; keep smiling.


Annie said...

The second pic looks like Alex is walking on water :-)
Annie x

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Yep, that is one very spoiled young man. We have a couple of those fountains in our city. They justified it by saying anyone, including the disabled, could find a reprieve from the heat when they roll across these fountains. Sounds like fun for Alex. Not so much for you!

Have a super Friday Smile and a wonderful weekend. I know Alex will!