Friday, 27 June 2014

Ikea smiles

Sadly we didn’t get to do what we planned last weekend as Tim was too ill to go out so my smiles (for Annie’s smiles) come from a trip to Ikea in Leeds, that Alex and I made to go and get some of the furniture for his new den under his bed.  It is the first time Alex had ever been to Ikea so he thoroughly enjoyed looking round the different rooms, being pushed around on the trolley and testing out some of the chairs – I think he is a little big for this one, don’t you!
This is him with all the things for his den (plus a few items for the rest of the house) as we headed to the checkout.
Needless to say I had to build him the furniture the moment we got back. This is the cosy end of the den which he loves; the other end still needs a desk installing - we are going to custom make that to fit the space so it will be a little while before it happens. At the moment it has a small set of drawers, a desk chair and some file storage all ready and waiting for the desk. He has also requested some curtains to turn it into a top secret spy den (they are on their way thanks to Jo - her generosity really made me smile this week).
Alex also had a wonderful time at a friends party this weekend (I had to crop the photo to show only Alex waving a balloon sword - they all had them and were posing as a group round the monkey mascot).  That is all from me for now.


Laura said...

It does look cosy. It'll be fab when it's finished :)
Happy Friday

Twiglet said...

Lovely photos. Tell him his parcel is on its way. x Jo

Eliza said...

Hi Caro,

My goodness Alex is growing so fast and I read about his Camo curtains being made, wow a new secret den how wonderful. I tried to sit in one of those bucket seats at Ikea this year it was an effort, it goes to show how much Alex has grown. Thanks for visiting too.

Hugs Eliza

Anne said...

Hello Caro. Sorry to read about Tim. Hope he's feeling a bit better now. Lovely photos of Alex. Had to smile my GD's love IKEA. LST time we had them both and I asked what they wanted to do it was lunch at IKEA and ice cream. They also like the crèche there. Though I think the eldest is too big now :-) . x

Annie said...

What fab smiles this week Caro....I love Ikea. I also know when your parcel arrives from Jo there will be a lot more smiles :-)
Annie x

Nan G said...

Don't you love ikea! What a cool place to browse let alone shop. I love the escalator for the carts. Yep a tad too big for that chair. Looks like you found a nice bean bag for the cosy end of the spy den. :)

JoZart said...

Another lovely insight into your goings on. How exciting for Alex to get this special space. All children love their own den.
Have a good weekend and I hope Tim is better.
Jo x

fairy thoughts said...

Hi caro
Looks like a fun day.... Is it just me or does that light sabre look a bit 'odd' made me smile anyway

Robyn Oliver said...

Hi Caro...your little man sure has plenty of smiles...Ikea shopping, new furniture and his own spy cave. Cheers Robyn