Wednesday 3 July 2019


Well it has been a crazy busy week and I nearly forgot that it was Wednesday already as I got back from a conference on Tuesday evening. Anyway, here we are again ready for a What's on your Workdesk Wednesday post. Check out our Queen Desker, Julia's blog for details.
This is my desk as it was on Tuesday evening - pretty empty in the middle, with the exception of the order of service from one of my closest friend's ordinations last Sunday, my latest index card, and then to the left the pile of project life things that says I have been using my new goodies (I will have to show the completed pages at a later date) and my kindle in its bright red cover.
Although there hasn't been a lot of time for crafting this week, I have managed to keep up with the Index card a day (ICAD) challenge and here are my cards for this week.  Confession time - the zentangle I drew during a talk at the conference to stop myself falling asleep!
Alex and I made the most of the gorgeous weather the weekend and went 'Wild Swimming' in a place called Little Barbrook (yes that is me in there!). 
It is literally in the middle of nowhere - you walk a mile down a track from the road across the moors, round a few corners and discover it just behind some trees. 
It was beautiful, if a little peaty (definitely came out smelling slightly swampy) and deliciously cold.
Alex put his new snorkel/mask to the test and although he couldn't see anything in the murky water loved the mask and said it was really easy to breathe in.
Sunday saw me supporting my best friend Abby at her ordination in Coventry Cathedral.  It was such a special occasion and so lovely to see her and her family.
That's all for now. July is going to be a bit crazy so I am not sure how much crafting time I will get but will do my best to continue to join in as much as possible.  Take care, Have a good week,
With love & God Bless,


Tracey@Hotchpotchcreations said...

Good to see you have been able to juggle creativity with work and the heat, fab ICADs. I am all too familiar with those zentangle/doodles during meetings :/
You & Alex are braver than me for getting in to the water, I could not get past the thought of whats hiding within it.. I'll just dip my toes.
Congrats to your friend, what a lovely celebration of a day.
Happy WoywW Tracey #4

Lunch Lady Jan said...

That is such a lovely photo of you and Abby, how wonderful to be ordained in Coventry Cathedral, it's an amazing place. I do like the wild swimming pics, what a fab thing to do. Hope you manage to get a little bit of crafting in during your mad week!
Hugs LLJ 5 xx

Neet said...

What a pretty girl your friend Abby is. Two lovely ladies with beautiful smiles.
Your swimming heaven looks just that, what a wonderful find you made when you first went there and the perfect place to cool off and have fun with your son.
Lovely ICAD's - the zentangle one made me smile as I had visions of you nodding off in the lecture.
Have a lovely week ahead and stay with us - even with an empty desk if you get the chance.
Hugs, Neet xx 15

Glenda said...

What a lovely outing for you and a wonderful swim! Happy WOYWW!
Glenda #17

Annie said...

Happy whizz day. I'm rather later starting my visits this week because I've been head down bear making all morning plus have just had to shorten an urgently required pair of trousers's all go here lol.
It's good to see I'm not the only one keeping busy :-) I've seen most of your news on Facebook but it's good to see your crafting too.
Annie x #12

Sylvia/LittleTreasures said...

Love all your photos, you've had a variety of fun things going one. I like the index cards, such a fun assortment. Keep smiling and have a fun week

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I stopped by to see your ICADs. I am always in awe of yours because they are all so different. The zentangle one is impressive and I'm sure it carried you through the conference.

Sounds like you and Alex had some fun away time, too. I'm on "sabbatical," but wanted to stop by to see your ICADs.

Felix the Crafty Cat said...

That water looks very inviting bet you both had a great time and the Index cards are gorgeous. Hope you're having a lovely woyww too, Angela x13x

Twiglet said...

What a lovely photo of you both - such a special day to celebrate and Coventry cathedral too! I've never fancied wild swimming so well done you - I need to know what is beneath me -my mind works over time and imagines all sorts of nasty things sneaking up on me - lol! x Jo #11

Helen said...

I did think the wild swimming was idea for last weekend (not that I can swim) and I know they warn you not to do it to cool down in super-hot weather but you were obviously very sensible!! the photos certainly make it look very encouraging. Have a great week - love the ICADS, a bit of doodling or zentangling always helps in not so interesting meetings! Thanks for stopping by. Helen #1

Dorlene Durham said...

Great index cards! I won't tell anyone your secret regarding the zentangle. LOL Thanks for your earlier visit. Dorlene #24

Kathryn Frantz said...

Such special memories you and Alex are making together! (they do grow up so fast!) I love seeing your index cards, your different styles techniques and colors!
So special that you were able to support your friend on her blessed day!

Happy Wednesday!

Anne said...

Hello Caro. I don't think I would be brave enough to swim there, though it looked so lovely. Your friend looks a lot of fun and how lovely you could be there for such a special occasion. Coventry Cathedral was the venue for my first date with Graham :-) - quite funny now I guess. It was 52 years ago and my mum's suggestion lol. Love the ICADs. Anne x 10

Shoshi said...

I agree with Neet about you and your lovely friend Abby - what a gorgeous picture of two beautiful girls!! It must have been such a happy occasion. Lovely other photos too. Your index cards are always a delight and so varied. A bit more scope than an ATC, being that much bigger. I love your anti-dropping-off Zentangle one!! Thank you for your lovely comment and for the info about the "loom bands." I hadn't come across this before. It doesn't sound as if they will be much use for anything else, but the box will be brilliant! I was very pleased with my fete haul - I always come home with something interesting!

God bless, Caro, and happy WOYWW,
Shoshi #14 x

Sue said...

Hi Caro, You sure have been busy.

I love the index cards.

Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Sue #7

Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

Hi Caro, thanks for stopping by this week and last, I’ve just read both posts to catch up, was either resting or busy last week or so! This week much same, out in and visitors or resting! However determined to write more comments.
Praying Nan will be able move closer to mum, please Lord, and closer to her friends and you. It’s hard, very hard when they get older and can’t care for themselves, it’s hard too when moved around and so not settled.

Praying comfy happy home will be found for her nearby to all who matter ASAP ... congrats on wedding anniversary too.

That pool looks a lot like one here, called Cochran’s pool, but tis most definitely not peaty and so clear but very deep, I’ve swum out like that, no current so safe to swim out of depth. Not like the ocean or our local creek, I have learned to treat them with respect.

Thanks for being a blessing, God bless you and all you love, too.
Hugs, Shaz in Oz.x #18

{Wonderful Words of Life - Shaz in Oz}
{Calligraphy Cards - Shaz in Oz}

Heather M said...

Hi Caro, you have certainly had a busy week. Well done on the ICAD - takes some commitment to keep it going! I don't think you will find me venturing into cold water again - I did my Open Water diver in a place called Eccy Delph - full of fish poop and goodness knows what. It was freezing. I then decided I would not be swimming or diving in the UK again, ever! Great photo of you and your friend - you both look so relaxed and hapy, I ove that kind of pic. Have a lovely week, Heather xx #26

Julia Dunnit said...

Oh Caro how lovely to be there at Abby’s ordination. I know it’s all next generation and blah, but the church needs smiley loving people like Abby. When I think back to my introduction of regular church going at boarding school, everyone, however worthy and kind, was a crusty 100 year old who simply couldn’t relate. Good for Abby, gotta be one of the hardest but greatest callings, huh. Meanwhile, I love the Icad cards, especially the zen tangle one...golly a conference has to be extra super exciting to prevent doodling!